5 Steps of How to Measure A Roof

Measuring the roof is part of designing and budgeting when you are building a house, shed, or any other building. How to measure a roof is the method to ensure that you will not spend unnecessary budget for roofing that will end up wasting a lot of money.

This estimation can be done by yourself, but also by the architect and contractors who work with you to make the buildings come true. Therefore, it is crucial in construction projects that need a roof. Here is more information on how to do that properly to lessen the budget for construction.

1. Prepare Some Basic Tools

Prepare Some Basic Tools

To get an accurate measurement, you have to prepare some basic tools such as a pencil, a tape measure, a ladder, a notepad, equipment for safety in your body, and probably a calculator. Some areas may be added in measurement, so a calculator is safer than a handphone.

2. Draw The Sketch of The Roof

how to measure a roof

Before you take on the ladder and measure, you have to sketch the roof first. This is how to measure a roof safely and properly because it is harder to draw a sketch when you are already sitting on the roof. It can be dangerous for you as well.

Drawing the sketch should be from the ground as well. It prevents you from falling. The best way to do it is by walking around the house or building with the frame of the roof. You only have to trace the shape of the roof. It doesn’t have to look good, but the most important thing is the sketch is accurate.

3. Setting Up Yourself


After drawing from every angle is finished, it is time to set up yourself. Remember that your safety is your priority. Make yourself safe first and wear the safety equipment you need. Position the ladder safely, so it will not fall and leave you on the roof.

It is better to do how to measure a roof on a bright day. Measuring the roof when it is a rainy day is dangerous for you to do. The roof can be slippery. If you need to measure the roof during rainy days, you can consider counting from Google Earth data as long as your house is captured.

4. Measuring The Roof

Measuring The Roof

The next step is measuring every side that you have drawn as a sketch in your notebook. You don’t have to calculate the result to get the triangle, square, and trapezoid area when you are still on the roof. Get the length, width, top, bottom, and the base area.

5. Calculating The Result

Calculating The Result

The last step is calculating the result of the measurement. The important part is the area of square, trapezoid, and triangle if it is included in your design.

After knowing how to measure a roof, you can do it by yourself. Those ways above are simple. In case the design is too complicated because of the slope, you have to consult with the architect and construction workers for better and more accurate calculations.

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