Kitchen Essentials and Tips for Your First Apartment

You’ve just moved into your first apartment. You probably have most of your belongings there, and at the first glance, everything looks okay. You enter your kitchen, and as you look closer, many things you are used to are missing.

And while you may think that you will do just fine without them, there are some things you should consider.

Every person you ask about the most important tools in the kitchen will give you a different answer, but there are some things that are rather universal, such as a good chef’s knife, measuring cups, oven mitts, a thermometer, and so on.

Many people cannot imagine living without blenders or coffee makers, which indeed can make your everyday life easier.

So if you want to stock up on the cookware or improve the quality of your tools, you should first focus on the kitchen essentials, rather than purchasing every single tool that you find in store.

This way you’ll be able to create a well-equipped kitchen that will serve you for years to come. Read this article to learn more about kitchen essentials and tips for your first apartment!

Good Chef’s Knife

As a chef’s knife is the most important tool in the kitchen, you should focus on buying a high-quality chef’s knife from the very beginning. It will make every job in the kitchen easier and safer.

There are two basic types of knives – forged and stamped. Forged knives are generally considered to be the best as they are both more durable and sharper.

Though they are more expensive, you should invest in a forged knife as it will last you for years.

Set of Measuring Cups and Spoons

As you might have guessed, a set of measuring cups and spoons is a must-have! After all, how can you cook without measuring?

While a measuring cup will let you measure liquid ingredients, a measuring spoon is perfect for dry ingredients. Also, it’s a good idea to have a few sets, as you will need them for different recipes.

Designer Oven Mitt

If you have ever burned your hands while taking baking pans from the oven, you know how necessary a designer oven mitt is.

They are inexpensive and come in many different colors and patterns. So make sure you invest in a quality oven mitt – it might save your hands from a lot of pain!


If you want to cook meat properly, you should invest in a meat thermometer. Checking the temperature of your meat will help you avoid overcooking it, as well as undercooking it.

And while you might use an instant-read thermometer, a digital meat thermometer is definitely more practical.

Bamboo Steamer

Bamboo steamers are multi-functional, and they can be used to steam vegetables, fish, and other foods.

They are made of bamboo sticks joined by string, which is tied at the bottom of the steamers to form a circle. To use them, you simply need to put them on top of a pot, pan, or wok.

You can even use them to steam vegetables in your microwave oven. These steamers are lightweight and easy to store.

They can also be purchased in various sizes, depending on how many people will be eating with you. A good quality bamboo steamer is great for making delicious steamed dishes!

Parchment Paper

Parchment paper can be used for all kinds of baking projects! You can use it to line cookie sheets, as well as to roll out dough for pie crusts or refrigerated cookie dough.

It’s super cheap and easy to store. It will also help you make cleaning up a lot easier, as you won’t have to scrub your cookie sheets or rolling pin.

Coffee Maker

Many people who love coffee can’t imagine their life without a coffee maker. If you enjoy a good cup of coffee every morning, consider investing in a small drip coffee maker.

It will allow you to wake up to a fresh cup of delicious coffee every morning!


If you often cook with leafy greens or frozen fruits, a high-quality blender is an essential part of your kitchen arsenal.

It will help you make delicious smoothies and shakes at any time. Just make sure you choose a high-quality blender that will last you for years to come.

A Set of Kitchen Towels

A set of kitchen towels can come in handy if you cook a lot. You can use them to dry your hands, wipe the counter, or clean up a spill.

If you want to make things a little more stylish in your kitchen, a set of french blue soup towels will do the trick!

To Sum Up

Even if you are on a budget, you should still make sure you have the basic tools to cook. However, if you can invest in quality kitchen essentials, they will last for years, instead of breaking after just a few uses.

So make sure you purchase a good chef’s knife, as well as a good-quality set of measuring cups and spoons. And if you want to store food for later use, you should consider investing in some food storage containers.

Once you have the basic tools, you can start stocking up on some more advanced tools that will make your life in the kitchen easier!

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