Tips to Ensure Maximum Storage After Rebuilding Your House

If you have recently rebuilt your house or intend on doing so, but forgot to maximize storage, you do have a few options available to you. People that aren’t fortunate enough to have large houses often have to get creative when it comes to storage, otherwise they are unable to store their clothes and belongings.

If you have not yet rebuilt your house, then definitely bear storage in mind before you begin your project. There might be a way for you to build storage in, even if you have size constraints.

This article will tell you how you can ensure maximum storage after rebuilding your house:


If you can’t find any storage in your house, even after rebuilding it, then your best option is to rent a self-storage locker.

Self-storage lockers are very affordable, and according to this Storefriendly Singapore outlet, very spacious. You can rent lockers of all sizes, which gives you the opportunity to store whatever you need to in them, from clothes to furniture.

In addition to these things, self-storage lockers are also very secure. They are located in buildings that have 24/7 security, cameras, and robust defenses against intruders.

Perimeter Shelves

Tips to Ensure Maximum Storage

If the rooms in your home are tall, then you could install perimeter shelves. These are shelving units that run the entire perimeter of a room.

In order for these shelves not to obstruct your movement, they need to be high on the ceiling. If you are going to put them high on the ceiling then you may also need to bring a small ladder into the room to access them.

Failing that, you could stand on other furniture to get to them. These shelves are easy to install and are a great option in terms of storage.

Storage Boxes

Another alternative to built-in storage is the use of storage boxes. These boxes are usually very affordable and quite easy to store.

You can stack them up in the corner of a room or put them underneath your bed. They may also fit inside a cupboard.

If you have lots of storage boxes, then you could put them inside a storage locker. Make sure that you buy plastic storage boxes, instead of cardboard ones.

Cardboard ones can deteriorate and rot if they get damp and are left unattended. They are easy to find second-hand also.

Storage Bed

An alternative to storage boxes is a storage bed. These beds come in all shapes and sizes. Underneath them are drawers, which you can store your belongings in.

You can either put clothes or heavier items in them. In addition to drawers, many storage beds also have another storage area located in the center.

Storage beds can be somewhat more expensive than ordinary beds, especially if they are made from materials like wood.

Even so, they are a great investment and are definitely worth considering if you are struggling to find storage options for your house. You can also buy storage sofas and tables.

Corner Racks

If you do decide to install perimeter shelving units, then in addition to your wardrobe (if you have a lot of clothes), you can attach clothing racks to the shelving unit’s underside.

This gives you a lot more room to store your clothes. However, it can also make your rooms seem a lot smaller, depending on the number of clothes that you have.

Ultimately though, storage is the only thing that matters, and with underside corner racks, storage you will have! They don’t have to be just in the corners, and they can also run the entire permitter of the room.

Outdoor Storage

If you have a garden, then you could consider setting up a shed. Outdoor storage is a very effective way of maximizing one’s storage.

Bear in mind that if you are going to store things outside, there is a possibility that your belongings could become damaged due to exposure.

Make sure that if you store precious, vulnerable items in your shed or outdoor storage unit, you properly insulate it and make sure that no water or leaks can get inside. You will also need to regularly clean it out to remove any insects or pests.

Organizing Boxes

Inside your cupboards and larger storage cupboards, it’s a good idea to have smaller boxes.

These small boxes can help you to separate items and organize them more meticulously. Small organization boxes are a very effective way of arranging your belongings.

Finding room to store things when you live in a small house can be very difficult. If you live in rented accommodation, then it is always necessary to contact your landlord to ask for their permission to set up any storage shelves.

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