6 Advantages of Wood Shingle Roof

Wood shingle roof has been an exclusive alternative to improve your home exterior. Compared to asphalt shingles or roof tiles, wood shingles look warm, distinctive, and traditional. If you are into this roofing type, there are several advantages to expect.

Wood shingles offer a multitude of benefits ranging from improved curb appeal to energy saving and weather resistance. Let’s take a deep dive to the following benefits.

1. Enhanced Curb Appeal

Enhanced Curb Appeal

Natural appearance of wood is always enticing and wood shingles are no exception. This type of roof helps improve your curb appeal effortlessly, thanks to its light brown shade that will transform to silvery-gray over time. Their timeless beauty allows wood shingles enhance visual appeal of your curb.

Cheddar wood is the best option if you want to make a new statement in your exterior. The natural brown color looks warm, welcoming, and aesthetic. Proper treatment may be required to maintain its natural shade.

2. Good for Saving Energy

Good for Saving Energy

If you worry about the heat, wood shingle roof is what you are looking for. Wood shingles are able to keep your home cool in the summer but warmer in chilly winter. That is because wood is a poor heat conductor, which means it can serve as an effective insulator.

Rather than utilizing air conditioner and heater, installing wood shingles is a fantastic way to save energy and money.

3. Resistant to Wind and Impacts

Wood shingle roof

Strong wind can damage your shingle. Luckily, wood shingles are more resistant to winds that range from 173mph to 240 mph. If you live in a region with frequent windstorms, wood shakes are durable to withstand extreme weather.

Additionally, wood can withstand impacts much better than asphalt shingles or roof tiles. Some wood shakes boast an impact resistance rating of 4, which means a chunk of ice won’t damage them.

4. Excellent Durability and Flexibility

Excellent Durability and Flexibility

Wood shingle roof lifespan is shorter than any other type of roof but its durability gives a plus point. Cedar wood shingles are known to be the most durable with the ability to stay in shape under various weather conditions.

Cedar wood doesn’t shrink or bend as they age. They also provide you with flexibility to stain, oil, and paint the surface. Use a plethora of finishing options to enhance your curb appeal without sacrificing the longevity of cedar wood shingles.

5. Decent Stability with Proper Installation

Decent Stability with Proper Installation

Wood shingle roof, especially one made of cedar wood, is a stable roofing option. When properly installed, it helps improve the strength of the roof. The shingles do not bend or shrink so that the roof remains stable even after years. But proper treatment is required to achieve the goal.

6. Available in Various Options

Available in Various Options

Wood shingles are available in a wide array of options ranging from material to color and finishing. Besides, these shingles can be installed in many ways to meet your personal preferences. Depending on your home style, it is possible to customize the installation.

Wood shingles are excellent roofing option if you expect enhanced curb appeal, durability, and versatility. Wood shingles roof is relatively stable, visually appealing, and can withstand extreme weather which makes it a durable option for your modern or historic residence.

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