7 Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas to Optimize Your Space

Above the fridge can be an awkward space in your kitchen. Installing cabinet is a bright solution to add extra space for storage to reduce clutter.

Not only that, these cabinets can add a visual attraction to the given area. Find above the fridge cabinet ideas that fit your space just right here.

1. Finished Wooden Cabinet Above the Fridge

Finished Wooden Cabinet Above the Fridge

Finished wood cabinet is always the winner in any kitchen d├ęcor, no matter the style you adopt. This built-in fridge enclosure provides you with extra space for storage above the refrigerator. The deep above fridge cabinet goes to the ceiling, optimizing vertical storage to declutter your kitchen.

2. Navy Floor to Ceiling Cabinet

Navy Floor to Ceiling Cabinet

Navy cabinets can be a great option to perfect your modern, traditional, or transitional kitchen. This beautiful floor to ceiling cabinet not only emphasizes your fridge but it also offers more space to keep your items out of sight.

The bold contrast of navy cabinet on the fridge creates an impressive result, turning the spot into a focal point. Mount some shelving on the end of the cabinet for visual attraction and functional purpose. These above the fridge cabinet ideas are suitable for kitchen of any size.

3. White Cabinet Above the Fridge with TV

Above the Fridge Cabinet Ideas

If you want to watch TV while working in the kitchen, this cabinet idea can be a perfect option. The cabinet features a niche where you can hang a TV. The fridge is fitted next to a towering cabinet that creates a dimensional effect.

This is a brilliant way to optimize your vertical space and bring things to the kitchen without making it look cramped.

4. Open Cabinet for Visual Interest

Open Cabinet for Visual Interest

When you want to play safe, you install an enclosed cabinet. But if you want to make the space stand out, give this open cabinet a try. Installing an open cabinet above the fridge can add a visual interest as it allows you to place knick-knacks, decorative items, and many more.

5. Grey Towering Cabinet over the Fridge

Grey Towering Cabinet over the Fridge

A grey cabinet is the perfect match for your grey refrigerator. These above the fridge cabinet ideas come to save your vertical space while improving the visual appeal of your kitchen. If you opt for a modern or contemporary style, this grey fridge enclosure can be a good choice.

6. Light Grey Fridge Enclosure

Light Grey Fridge Enclosure

When you need a cabinet that maximizes kitchen storage without leaving a single space, try this fridge enclosure. The light grey cabinet creates a dimensional effect, making your kitchen feels and looks larger. The cabinet that fully covers one side of the wall makes sure everything is kept in place.

7. Cabinet and Niche Above the Refrigerator

Cabinet and Niche Above the Refrigerator

Your kitchen will look adorable with this cabinet idea. Featuring white color, this tall cabinet is designed with an open niche that creates a perfect place to store your favorite kitchen decoration which elevate the visual appearance of your fridge.

Above the fridge cabinet ideas help optimize the awkward space in the kitchen. Choose a cabinet design that fits your kitchen style and size to transform the boring area into a new favorite in your cooking space.

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