4 Causes AC Unit Owners Should Know that Make Air Conditioner Fan Keeps Running when Turned Off

It is strange when the air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off. Ensure that you call a professional technician to check it.

An AC fan keeps running even after turning it off is often because of a problem in the thermostat wiring. Here are some causes of this problem.

Damaged Thermostat

One of the common causes of AC fans keep running is because the thermostat is completely stopping working. This condition leads to the AC unit getting stuck in a running state. That’s why shutting the AC unit off doesn’t affect the fan.

Call a technician right away to replace the damaged thermostat. Keeping the AC unit in such a condition will worsen the performance and even affect the other parts.

The cost of repairing the thermostat is more affordable compared to repairing damaged parts because you let the AC unit work with a damaged thermostat.

Limit Control Switch

What if the thermostat is working well? Why does the air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off? Another possible issue is on the limit control switch.

The AC unit may use a manual setting. Ensure that the limit control switch is in auto mode.

It affects the setting of the thermostat. The basic solution is to set the thermostat to reach the room’s current temperature.

This trick triggers the AC system to change the setting and shut the airflow off, including the fan. If it is not, the problem may not come from the thermostat.

High Temperatures from the Outside

You may set the AC unit thermostat to a specific temperature. It helps the system to run until it reaches that temperature.

The system flips back once the temperature of the room reaches the temperature. The AC unit’s misbehavior can be because of the high temperature from the outside.

It happens when you open the house and let the sunlight pass through the rooms. Slowly but surely, the temperature inside the house rises.

The AC unit detects the temperature and tries to cool the room. That’s why the fan keeps running even after you shut the AC unit off.

Try to close your house during daylight so the sunlight can’t raise the temperature. It keeps the AC unit working based on the current setting accurately.

Best of all, this trick can also keep your electric bill stable even in summer or hot weather.

Wiring Problems

A thermostat is one of the most crucial parts of an AC unit. A problem in the thermostat can cause wiring problems. Wiring problems can make your AC unit work inaccurately.

Contact a trusted technician if the fan keeps running anytime you turn off the unit. Repairing this problem by yourself is dangerous.

So, check your AC unit regularly. It makes you know this device better. As a result, you know if there is something wrong with the unit, including when the air conditioner fan keeps running when turned off.

Solve AC fan keeps running when turned off immediately before it affects other parts and worsens the performance of the unit.

Instead of maintaining or repairing the AC unit by yourself, call an expert. They know how to handle a variety of AC problems safely and correctly.

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