Are Cinder Blocks Good for Fire Pits? A Complete Answer

You may find an alternative to create a fire pit and find cinder blocks as one of the materials. So, are cinder blocks good for fire pits? You need to know several things to get the answer.

As a result, you can decide whether to use cinder blocks for fire pits or not.   

You Need Materials that Withstand High Temperatures

So, are cinder blocks withstand high temperatures? Yes, they are. Cinder blocks are made from aggregate ash and coal cinders.

That’s why the weight of this product is lighter than concrete blocks. Ensure that you are choosing porous cinder blocks instead of dense concrete blocks. 

These blocks can vent the steam and don’t keep the moisture. The more moisture on the blocks during the fire, the bigger the chance of the fire and blocks exploding.

Remember to check whether the blocks are fire-rated or not. Fire-rated blocks absorb heat better than non-fire-rated blocks. It protects you from sparks. In short, this material is safer for fire pits. 

You Need Materials Made from Lighter Ash

When you ask are cinder blocks good for fire pits, we have to talk about the materials. As cinder blocks are made from lighter ash, this product is lighter and more porous.

The compounds of the material are also safe enough for fire pits compared to concrete blocks. Since this product is lightweight, it is easy to build fire pits.

That’s why some people use cinder blocks to create a block wall to grow vegetables or patios. 

You Need Cheap Materials

Some people choose cinder blocks for fire pits not only because of the material but also the price. The price of cinder blocks is more affordable than concrete blocks.

A cinder block only costs under two dollars. You also don’t need too many blocks only to create proper fire pits.

Managing 24 cinder blocks is enough to create a standard fire pit. A simple fire pit made from this product costs only $58. 

You Need Materials that Easy to Manage to Become Fire Pits

Creating a fire pit with cinder blocks is simple. You only have to buy 24 8 x 8 x 16 cinder blocks and 2 x 8 x 16 cinder block caps.

Then, use tape or four stakes to measure the area for the fire pit. Take your shovels and break up the ground inside the area. 

The function is to remove the grass and dirt for a nice flat for the fire pit. Lay the first cinder block in a corner and add the next block alongside the first. Repeat the process to create two layers of cinder blocks. 

Ensure that the blocks are steady enough. That’s it! The fire pit is ready to use. It is okay if you want to paint the blocks, although most users paint the blocks only for garden walls and decorative planters.  

The explanation above helps to answer are cinder blocks good for fire pits. Yes, this material is good for fire pits.

It is a cheap and lightweight alternative to creating a fire pit at home. Best of all, this fire pit is sturdy and safe enough just like other pits. 

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