Are Outdoor Water Fountains Worth it? – Check the Facts

Are outdoor water fountains worth it? An outdoor water fountain can be anything from a straightforward garden ornament to a complex work of art with a statue or a cascade. Whatever the situation, it will enhance the overall appearance of your yard.

We will discuss why purchasing an outdoor water fountain might be a wise investment below, along with all the benefits and drawbacks that come with them.

Why must you buy an outdoor water fountain?

Are outdoor water fountains worth it? The main reason you would obtain an outdoor water fountain is that it will look beautiful to your neighbors and possible buyers, aside from perhaps unifying the garden and improving its appearance overall.

Furthermore, it doesn’t have to be a massive, ornate object; even a tiny fountain made of stone or glass can make a huge impact when it comes to establishing a positive first impression.

In terms of upkeep and cost, most of these fountains are also rather simple to maintain. Financially speaking, a body of water you would desire in your yard will cost to install and maintain, but compared to ponds or swimming pools, water fountains are both the most affordable and secure options.

What Would It Cost?

Depending on what you’re searching for, the price range of water fountains varies greatly.

They can cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars for a basic fountain like a birdbath to thousands of dollars if you want something intricate and complex. Just keep in mind that a fountain’s maintenance costs will increase with its complexity.

It raises the property’s value.

It’s very straightforward: a water fountain fulfills every need for boosting a property’s value. It elevates the ambiance of the room, is seen as a luxury and is aesthetically beautiful.

You may unwind in your yard while listening to the tranquil sound of running water in addition to its attractive appearance. The fact that it is a landscape element means that, despite being less expensive and complicated than, for instance, a pond, waterfall, or pool, it still modifies the surrounding area and is significantly less expensive to maintain.

A common rule of thumb is that every time you add an opulent element to the design of a particular home, the cost of that property will rise and it will become more appealing in general.

It Aids in Your Recognition

A landscape feature like an outdoor water fountain is guaranteed to attract more visitors to at least have a look or even take an interest in the property that has one, even without the rise in value. When it comes to selling times, it is how the fountain will practically pay for itself.

Even if you don’t receive a dollar-for-dollar return on your investment, the potential buyers you attract can help you make considerably more money than a straightforward fountain would alone.


Overall, the only situation in which installing an outdoor water fountain is not advised is when the home’s location is in an area that does not draw visitors who would be pleased or interested in it.

You should be able to tell if that kind of landscape element would blend in with the neighborhood because those neighborhoods exist. Are outdoor water fountains worth it? Yes, it is.

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