8 Most Inspiring Art Journal Ideas

You may have to get some art journal ideas because it is never easy to create your own journal. If you want to create something crafty or artistic but have no inspiration at all, it is crucial to check out these incredible ideas and then start making your journal.

1. Add Some Photos

Add Some Photos

One unique way to create a journal is using the scrapbook style. Scrapbook looks awesome with paper scraps, photos, and embellishments that will remind you of something.

You may want to use photos for the art journal as well. Use photos of yourself or random images about something you love.

2. Write A Nice Poem

Write A Nice Poem

Feel free to write anything you desire, there is no need to learn how to be a poet just to make a nice poem inn your journal.

If you want something sweet for the journal, try checking out some easy journal ideas with poems shared by some YouTube artists. They’ll help you create the best art journal ever.

3. Shape The Pages of Your Journal

Shape The Pages of Your Journal

Make your art journal look more interesting by making shapes. To make shapes, you can simply cut the pages; edges.

For example, you may want to cut the edges of your pages into half-circles or waves. Simply use your shaped scissors to create the cut shapes and you’ll get the most unique art journal.

4. Document Everything You Love

Document Everything You Love

This is your journal which means you are free to do anything you like and document anything you love.

The art journal ideas you should try include adding your favorite songs, books, films, cities, foods, artists, and anything else you love the most into the journal.

5. Create A Bucket List

Art Journal Ideas

Hopes are something that will keep you alive and motivated to do things. A bucket list of everything you wish you can do will help you set goals for your life.

The bucket list in art journal ideas may include places to visit, people to meet, things to do, skills to learn, foods to try, and so on.

6. Add An Inspiration Board

Add An Inspiration Board

Designers and artists create the inspiration board to help them design upcoming projects. You can also add a small board to your art journal.

If you need more inspiration, you can even make more than just one small board in the art journal you are making.

7. Create A Collage City

DIY Art Journal Ideas

This is a unique part that will help you get the vintage look of the art journal you are making.

Take images from old books, magazines, or any other source and then cut the images into unusual and interesting shapes. Glue the images on the pages of your art journal to create a cityscape.

8. Use Positive Affirmations

Use Positive Affirmations

It is a brilliant idea to use positive affirmations in your art journal. Fill your art journal with positive affirmations since they can change your mood so that you can always feel better when you read the journal. Every time you feel bad, get your art journal and heal your mood instantly.

Looking for the most unique art journal ideas? These eight ideas are not only unique, but they are also going to help you create a positive art journal that helps you accomplish positive things in life.

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