Top 7 Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas That Are Aesthetic

Your walls can be decorated in many ways. When you think that painting is too basic but adding natural stones is costly, artificial grass wall design ideas can amazingly enhance your space. Incorporating artificial grass into your home décor makes your interior and exterior look fresh, lively, and aesthetic.

Whether you wish to create a vertical garden in your living room or you expect a heavenly lush green view in the bedroom, artificial turf has you covered. If you need a reference, here are stunning ideas to spruce up any space in your home.

1. Artificial Vertical Garden for Backyard

Artificial Vertical Garden for Backyard

Transform your outdoor into a tranquil space with an artificial vertical garden. This is a maintenance-free option for busy homeowners who want to embrace the nature and add an aesthetic touch to the exterior. Feel free to combine it with live plants and no one will notice.

2. Get Closer to Nature

Get Closer to Nature

A faux grass wall décor fits any space in your home and living room is no exception. These artificial grass wall design ideas for living room are relatively simple with a subtle combination of white wall and vertical garden.

Add a stronger touch of nature with your favorite indoor plants. Choose decorative planters that will give a decorative effect to your living room.

3. Floor to Ceiling Green Wall

Floor to Ceiling Green Wall

Floor-to-ceiling artificial grass wall design ideas can be a perfect choice to catch the eye. It creates a focal point in any given space, drawing the attention to a certain part of the room. It is one of the unique ways to create a stunning wall if you are bored with a regular wall paint.

4. Faux Grass Patch for an Eco-Friendly Living Room

Faux Grass Patch

The market provides you with different types of artificial grass from turfs to grass patches. If you want to create a nice checkered texture in your grass wall décor, you can combine grass turfs and grass patches to make a design that you desire.

Apply grass turfs to layer the wall and install grass patches for an embossed effect. This wall décor works well for large walls.

5. Faux Grass Wall Décor on Budget

Faux Grass Wall Décor on Budget

Homeowners with a small space or a tight budget can try these artificial grass wall design ideas. The faux grass is super easy to install, not to mention it can be an ideal choice for exterior and interior enhancement.

6. Stunning Grass Wall Décor for Bathroom

Stunning Grass Wall Décor for Bathroom

Soaking up your body in a natural-themed bathroom is a perfect way to end your day. After a long tiring day, pampering your eyes with a lush green wall can boost your mood and soothe your mind. Pair with wooden bathroom furnishing for a natural look.

7. Vertical Grass Decor with Flowers

Artificial Grass Wall Design Ideas

Add more colors to your vertical grass décor with colorful flowers. It can be a bewildering idea to improve your reading nook, home office, or even an unused corner in the living room. If you love taking pictures for social media, this spot is completely Instagrammable.

Artificial grass wall design ideas spruce up your space in a unique way. Not only does it create a natural look, but it is also completely easy to maintain.

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