Azalea Flower Meaning as The Graceful Flower

Azaleas are pretty flowers with many colors, but mostly you will see them as pink and purple. The flower has a unique shape and you can see it as additional flowers in a huge bouquet. It is because the meaning of the azalea flower meaning is deep and it started in the Victorian era.

The people in that era used this flower as symbolism. It blooms all year, so it is very easy to find even during the winter. At most, you will see this blooms better in spring and summer. Check how the flower has significance for a bouquet or a gift for other people.

The Symbol of Fragility

azalea has become the symbol of fragility

It is quite surprising that azalea has become the symbol of fragility. So, when you give this flower to other people, it means you show your fragile side or a reminder that everyone has weaknesses. It is a good gift for some closest friends, families, and relatives.

Why does this flower have fragility symbolism? First, the azalea plant has a very shallow root. It is a fragile plant when the drought comes. It should be in solid soil and good-quality water. Or else, the azalea plant will die. The plant itself needs gentle care and extra maintenance.

The Sense of Adoration

sense of adoration is one of azalea flower meaning

You can give azalea to other people and they will think that you adore them. The sense of adoration is one of azalea flower meaning. Since it has this meaning, lovers usually give a bouquet of azaleas to their loved ones. Any color fits this meaning, as long as it is not in a black vase.

The flower has a good meaning when you give it on special occasions such as an anniversary and wedding decoration. It will remind you that love is blooming beautifully like azalea does all year. Yet, it is vulnerable that people have to take care of it.

Reminder of Death

Azalea can be a reminder of death

Azalea can be a reminder of death too. It is because the flower itself is quite toxic though it is not as serious as we think. In some cultures, azalea is only decoration for the garden, not a flower that you can give to other people. It does exist in some funerals in a black vase.

Worse, some people use azalea in a black vase as a death threat. This is why you should be very careful to give azalea to other people because of this azalea flower meaning. You should give the flowers in a nice wrap or vases, but they cannot be black because of the sense of the threat.

It’s The Thought of Others

Azalea Flower Meaning

Giving azalea flowers to other people means you are thinking about them. You also want to show that you care and are trying to be kind. It is because the main meaning is femininity. The nurturing energy from this flower is so strong and the receiver can feel the love you give for them.

When your relatives or the closest ones are sick, you can give this flower to them as a symbol of caring. The sympathy and emotional support are for them. Expressing gratitude using this flower is a good choice as well, which you can do for graduation, celebration, etc.

The Symbol of Femininity

Azalea is always related to womanhood

Azalea is always related to womanhood. It is because of the color of the azalea itself. The flower grows elegantly all the time as long as there is no problem with its root. Hence, in many cultures, this flower has become the symbol of femininity.

Giving this flower to other women means you care and respect them. The sender of the flower also understands that women are sensitive and fragile and that they need protection, just like how azalea flowers should be protected.

A Lot of Abundance

A Lot of Abundance

Azalea always appears as a colony, so you will see a lot of flowers in one plant when it blooms. It becomes the background of meaning that azalea is a flower that shows abundance. It can be a good neighbor with other plants in a garden as well. The color of azalea matches any plant.

The azalea flower meaning above gives you a lot of reasons why this flower should be in your garden. It is not a hard plant to grow, and the beauty it offers is something you should not miss. Thus, the flower is also perfect for a gift to celebrate and commemorate nice things.

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