7 Creative Basement Pole Cover Ideas

A basement pole serves an important function, there is no doubt about that. Unfortunately, these basement poles are often, well, unsightly. Especially ones that are not decorated. Are you looking for basement pole cover ideas? If the answer is a yes, then you came to the right place. We will share 7 cover ideas you can try.

How you should cover your basement pole is, of course, depends on how the basement décor is. For example, paint is a good choice if you want the freedom to color the pole as you like.

Likewise, wrapping is a good idea if you want a preset cover for the pole. With no further ado, here are the ideas.

1. Easiest Way to Cover a Basement Pole: Paint It Up

Basement Easiest Way

If you don’t want too much hassle to cover your basement pole, painting it up is a good idea. It is easy and more flexible. Here the basement poles are painted in a way that they complement the basement’s décor.

2. Covered in Stones

Covered in Stone Ideas

Stones or faux stones are a great choice too. They offer warmth and an earthly vibe. Compared to other basement pole cover ideas, it suits a rustic basement the best. Another good thing about it is that it can be applied both full and half the way.

3. Are These Poles or Trees?

pole cover ideas

The basement is often seen as a dark and gloomy place fitting only to be storage. That’s not true, however. With proper décor, it too can be a bright and fun place to be. Notice how the poles here become ‘trees’, complementing the whole décor.

4. Mini Bar for Everyone

basement mini bar

If you don’t have a large basement, you have to make do with what you have. If you have two basement poles close to each other, you can convert them into a mini bar for your friends and families. Just add comfy chairs and voila!

5. Make a Box Out of It

awesome basement ideas

If what makes it difficult for you to décor your basement is the shape of the basement pole, then you might want to consider covering it so it looks like a box. If the poles are box-shaped, they are a lot easier to style.

6. Add Functionality with Multi-purpose Storage

best basement ideas

When it comes to basement pole cover ideas, you are not stuck with painting or covering them up. You can also cover your pole and turn it into something functional. For example, layered, multipurpose storage like this one here. It is visually attractive and practical.

7. Don’t Want to Choose? Try Mix and Match

Basement Pole Cover Ideas

Should you go for a painted basement pole? Or tiled one? Why not choose both? A mix and match basement pole cover looks great, too. Just take a look at the basement pole here. It mimics how the wall is decorated nicely.


So, which are basement pole cover ideas that pique your interest the most? As the ideas have shown you, the basement pole need not be an unsightly object in the basement.

On the contrary, with proper cover, it can be complementary to the basement’s style. Even better, it might even be the focal point of the basement.

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