12 Basement Projector Ideas to Improve Your Empty Basement

The basement is a lovely place if you know how to remodel it. Some people go for basement projector ideas because it offers relaxation more than other rooms. You can enjoy watching your favorite videos in the basement without people ruining the noise.

There are some unique designs to follow. It depends on the space and also your preference. Here are some styles which help you get inspired for basement improvement.

Best Basement Projector Ideas

1. Low ceiling basement


Having a low-finished basement but don’t know how to remodel it into something better? Get a mini projector and apply the best basement projector ideas. Lower ceilings help you to put a projector in a better angle, so the screen is more into television than a projector screen.

This is a good option if your basement has a wide wall, but you don’t have any ideas to decorate the wall. Putting a screen is better because it fills the whole part. Make sure the installation is safe in your low ceiling.

2. A painting-like-projector

Basement Projector Ideas

This basement projector ideas doesn’t need a frame for the projector screen. When it’s ON, the picture or video will look like a painting. It looks good and perfect for a mini basement without any wall decoration. However, you might need clean white paint for this.

The projector is placed on the ceiling, in the purpose not to make the room more narrow because of the placement. Some couches and light with the same color will make it minimalist yet cozy for some people watching their favorite movie.

3. Minimalist idea


A low-cost basement projector ideas, why not? You don’t have to decorate or remodel the basement as long as you have everything for this space. The important items for this room are a screen, projector, sofa and speakers for the sound. The rest is just additional stuff.

It’s the perfect one if you have a narrow space but still want some entertainment like a home theater. It’s not hard to install the projector, but the ceiling will be the perfect option. However, you might find this idea to look like a meeting room.

4. Cinema-like projector room


The basement projector ideas will apply for a mini cinema in your own room. It’s not only a room for one or two people watching the movie, but you’re able to invite a lot. The sofa arrangement also looks like a cinema, with cozy chairs on some levels.

To make this happen, however, you might need special installation. It’s not only for your projector, but also the whole chair for watchers. This might not be flexible as well since the chairs are not removable unless you redesign the whole room.

5. Mini cinema

Basement Projector Ideas

There’s another option to create a mini cinema in your house by putting a projector. The basement projector ideas at home is very spectacular with a designated ceiling. It looks full but at the same time, it’s the best place to have some fun watching at home.

Since the basement is too narrow, the screen for projector might not be wide to prevent a bad experience for your eyes. You are still able to create leveled chairs since you can’t have a sofa arrangement for narrow space. Put some lights at the wall, not at the ceiling.

6. Closed Screen


To have a more dramatic theme of the basement projector ideas is not bad at all. It will improve the nuance of watching movies from the screen, especially in the opera or melodrama genre. The screen is hidden behind the big curtain.

The chairs are arranged as in level to have a better experience. The projector can be put behind the chair and above the watchers or on the ceiling itself. The best part of this design is the dramatic nuance from decoration such as railing, wall lamps, and patterned carpet.

7. Cozy chic style


The vibes from this projector idea is very cozy to have a fun and relaxed weekend. It’s warm but cool at the same time that you won’t miss the weekend here.

The projector is under the ceiling and the screen is framed like a whiteboard you find at school since it looks simple. Have some couches and cushions for this style.

8. High basement

Basement Projector Ideas

This basement projector ideas offers nothing but a cozy feeling. If your basement has a high ceiling, then it’s time to have a projector on a table.

So it won’t be installed on the ceiling or wall. Make sure you have a table with proper height to put the projector so it will display the excellent video on the screen.

9. Countryside style


This style is unique because you’ll create a basement as a place for busy activities such as studying, meetings, or presentations.

The stuff inside is perfect for more than five people watching, talking or simply enjoying coffee in the basement. The projector is on the ceiling, while the screen is on a wooden wall.

10. Grand basement idea


This design is a grand basement which makes it look powerful and luxurious even though the space isn’t as spacious as a basement should be.

The projector placement is still possible for some fun entertainment and the wall is filled by the screen only. Make sure the lighting is good when the lights are off for watching.

11. Narrow space projector room


Confining space for the basement with a projector isn’t a problem at all. You’re still able to put the projector at the side of the wall and the screen is at the opposite.

The placement of the sofa or couch must be considered since a confined space like the picture above might result in discomfort for some people.

12. Big space basement style

Basement Projector Ideas

The more spacious your room, the bigger the screen you could have for your basement. It won’t bother your sight and it’s fun to watch movies or shows. Projector will be placed at the ceiling and the couch is placed far enough from the screen.

This style is great for more homey home theater. Each side of the screen is a big stereo speaker for a more fantastic sound effect. The best light option is dim light for warmer and cozier nuance.

To have the best basement projector ideas, you have to know the size and the condition of your space first. Adjust everything like soundproofing and lighting before you go to remodel the basement into a projector room.

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