7 Sophisticated Bath Shower Combo Ideas to Renovate Your Bathroom

Bathroom is a perfect place to flex your muscles after a long day. Sometimes you want to soak in a bubble while the other times you need to enjoy a warm shower. If you can’t decide which to choose in your small bathroom, bath shower combo ideas allow you to get both.

Bath shower combo offers a lot of benefits. Prefabricated shower and bath let you accommodate both in a limited space. It is also completely affordable as you don’t have to build a separate bath and shower. Need to have one at home? Take these as your reference.

1. Bathtub Shower Combo for Contemporary Bathroom

Bathtub Shower Combo for Contemporary Bathroom

Your contemporary bathroom deserves this bath shower combo that adds aesthetic flair to the room. A white modern tub and sophisticated shower head instantly steal attention among gray walls and floors. A glass enclosure creates an expensive look to your small bathroom.

2. Shower and Bath with Hinged Glass Enclosure

Shower and Bath with Hinged Glass Enclosure

Clean, sleek, and convenient are three words that best describe these bath shower combo ideas. It has everything you need to relax at the end of the day, whether you want a bubbly bath or warm shower. Designed with a hinged glass enclosure, it makes your narrow bathroom look open and airy.

A glass window installed over your tub allows natural light to illuminate the room and make it feel larger. This bathroom design also receives earth-colored wall tiles that add warmth.

3. Clean White Bathtub Shower with Modern Vanity

Clean White Bathtub Shower with Modern Vanity

One thing to keep in mind when decorating a small space is to make it bright. This bathroom knows the rules well so it maintains bright colors on the wall and tub. It also comes with an all-white bathroom vanity that evokes a clean and modern nuance.

4. Tiny Bath and Shower for Kids

Tiny Bath and Shower for Kids

Your kid also wants to soak in bubbles or run water from their head to toe. If you plan to revamp kid’s bathroom, these bath shower combo ideas are perfect. It has a grab bar for extra safety and a nice shower curtain for privacy. The best part is that the design doesn’t eat up much space.

5. Small Bath and Shower with Herringbone Walls

Small Bath and Shower with Herringbone Walls

Looking for a bathtub shower combo for small spaces? This tub and shower combo squeezes everything you need in one place ranging from tub, shower, toilet, and bathroom vanity. Despite the narrow space, this bathroom maintains its aesthetics

6. Playful Bath and Shower

Playful Bath and Shower

A good bathroom is not just functional, it also has a nice visual. This good-looking tub shower combo is designed with playful-colored ceramic tiles that make the entire space look fresh. You can also add a beige curtain that creates a subtle appearance.

7. Beautiful in White and Gray

Beautiful in White and Gray

White and gray work best to evoke a classy yet elegant nuance in any given space including the bathroom. If you adopt Scandinavian style for the entire house, this bathroom idea will be a perfect match.

Bath shower combo ideas combine function and beauty in a package. They are perfect for homeowners with narrow space or anyone with a tight budget for bathroom revamp.

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