7 Bathroom Lighting Ideas over Mirrors to Look Artistic

Bathroom vanity lighting plays a key role to set the right ambiance and mood while cleaning yourself. Typically installed above bathroom mirror, there are lots of lighting ideas to choose from. The following bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors will surprise you.

Depending on your bathroom style, there is always a perfect light fixtures to install. Ranging from modern to classic and artistic lighting, find an inspiration for your space below.

1. Modern Track Lighting

Bathroom Lighting Ideas over Mirrors

Track lighting is a popular lighting idea over bathroom mirrors. With just a single installation it illuminates the whole vanity area.

This track lighting also adds a nice flair in a modern bathroom. White-colored shades makes a perfect match with the marble-top white vanity.

Centered position is the best for this type of bathroom lighting, allowing the fixture to illuminate the dark space around the vanity.

2. Minimalist Light Box

Minimalist Light Box

This stylish light box looks great when paired with a medium-sized mirror in a minimalistic bathroom. It has a simple design and offers a subtle and calming vibe to the given space. Besides, these bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors are completely easy to install.

For optimized illumination, the space between the light fixture and mirror should be no more than 4 inches. Combine this minimalist lighting with floating bathroom vanity to add a modern flair.

3. Double Sconces for Double Mirrors

Double Sconces for Double Mirrors

Looking for the best lighting for round vanity mirror? Try these double sconces do a great job to illuminate your mirrors and vanity area.

The silver finish on the sconces creates an ideal combination with the mirror and other elements in the bathroom, adding visual attraction to your personal space.

4. Classic Track Bulbs

Classic Track Bulbs

Add a sense of classic into your bathroom with this unique light fixture. Unlike modern track lights that use steel or aluminum tracks, it is designed with a wooden bar that accentuates antique style. Yellow tone helps generate warmth and set the right mood at the end of the day.

5. Classy Vanity Mirror

Classy Vanity Mirror

What about classy bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors? Your personal space deserves this high-quality light fixture to upgrade the vanity area.

Designed with glass shades, a row of tiny light fixtures makes your bathroom look glamorous. A dark-framed mirror adds a dimensional effect to the room.

6. Horizontal Light Tubes

Horizontal Light Tubes

Horizontal light tubes make your bathroom look sleek. It provides subtle illumination, making it a perfect choice for a layered lighting idea.

In fact, light tubes can be installed either horizontally or vertically depending on your design preferences. Aside from its flexibility, most light tubes are ideal for any style.

7. Double Lighting

Double Lighting for Bathroom

Using multiple sources of lighting is more than getting a brighter area. It also adds visual attraction to the given space, spicing up your vanity area to your heart’s content.

This lighting idea combines modern sconces with glass shades and light-rimmed round mirror that look clean and sleek.

There is a wide range of bathroom lighting ideas over mirrors to adopt no matter your style preference. Not only do the light fixtures illuminate the area, but they also enhance the visual of the bathroom. Set your mood and add decorative flair with the right bathroom lighting ideas.

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