7 Clever Bathroom Window Privacy Ideas

Window treatments come in handy to boost your bathroom style and protect your privacy. If you want a secluded and safe feeling when soaking, these bathroom window privacy ideas are worth it.

No matter your bathroom style, these window treatments will not break it.

1. Keep It Simple with Basic Window Curtain

Simple with Basic Window Curtain

Stay on-budget with this basic window treatment. Window curtain is the simplest and most affordable option to screen a view to your bathroom.

Made of sheer fabric, it can protect your bathroom interior from the outsiders while letting natural light to brighten up the room.

This white window curtain complements the existing elements, thanks to its neutral color. Let it cover three quarters the window for an aesthetic look.

2. Blinds for Full Privacy Coverage

Blinds for Full Privacy Coverage

Blinds offer a brilliant alternative when it comes to small bathroom window privacy ideas. This window treatment looks beautiful in a blue-green bathroom, creating a cozy and tranquil atmosphere to enjoy soaking in a bath tub.

However, blinds can block up to 80 percent of light and make your bathroom darker when in use. As a solution, install the blinds about two thirds the window to allow the natural light illuminates the room.

3. Try Frosted Glass Window

Bathroom window privacy ideas

When you are looking to revamp the bathroom or your building process is on progress, consider installing frosted glass windows instead of the clear ones. Frosted glass is one of the best bathroom window privacy ideas as it naturally blocks a view from the outside, providing you with extra protection.

If you are not a big fan of blinds, draperies, or other window treatments, frosted glass windows have you covered.

4. Layered Window Treatment

Layered Window Treatment

Get full privacy coverage with layered window treatment. This bathroom window features window shutters that are paired with window curtains, giving no chance for your neighbors to look inside. Not only do these treatments offer extra privacy, but they also add a decorative touch to your bathroom.

5. Classic Window Shutter

Classic Window Shutter

To meet your classic style, window shutters can be the best bathroom window privacy ideas to improve your space.

An accordion window shutter may look simple but it has everything you need to generate a strong classic accent. Extend the shutter two-thirds up the window to let the natural light in.

6. Stained Bathroom Window

Stained Bathroom Window

Staining your bathroom window is a smart alternative to reduce visibility from outside. This method may be less popular than installing frosted glass or window shutter but it offers a unique result. This stained window paired with sheer curtain create a subtle touch of rustic.

7. Floral Roman Shade to Add Style

Floral Roman Shade to Add Style

This modern-classic bathroom uses floral roman shades to screen a view. The window privacy idea is quite affordable but it can add a decorative touch to the space, in addition to protecting you from unwanted eyes. The drapery adds a soft classic touch that looks nice when paired with the interior.

Protecting your privacy doesn’t have to sacrifice your bathroom style. These bathroom window privacy ideas can reduce visibility into your bathroom, not to mention they can boost the interior design. Whether you are into draperies, shutters, or blinds, find a privacy option that suits your style.

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