Best Bed Frame For Sex

Everyone’s been in a situation where you and another person have decided it’s time to get intimate, and everything’s ready, and the mood is set – until that bed frame starts squeaking.

A squeaky bed frame or noisy box spring is one surefire way to ruin the mood, which isn’t what anybody wants. If you’re in the market for a new bed frame and want to only consider bed frames that are quiet, here’s everything you need to know when it comes to finding the quietest bed frame for sex with tips from Homes Direct 365.

What types of bed frames are the best when looking for a quiet bed frame?

What types of bed frames

If you’re looking for a bed that won’t make lots of noise when you get going, there are certain types of bed frames that you may wish to avoid.

There are still ways to make the noisier bed frames into a quiet bed frame, but generally speaking, it’s easier to simply find yourself a bed frame that will be quiet from the get-go.

Wooden bed frames

Wooden bed frames are often assumed to be one of the better bed frames for sex. People often think that because the bed frame is crafted from wood, it’ll be squeak free. However, a lot of the time, wooden bed frames will have wooden slats and these can create rattling noises during sex.

Metal bed frames

Alternatively, metal bed frames are prone to squeaking as metal rubs on metal. This can be fought off with tight screws and regular care, but the average person will not put that much effort into maintaining their bed frame.

Divan, platform bed or box spring bed frames

Divan beds, platform beds, storage beds or box spring bed frames are very common in the UK. These bed frames consist of a frame with lots of springs covered in fabric. A platform bed frame/box spring has a wood platform bed across the top that the mattress then gets placed on top of.

Then, when movement occurs on the box spring, these springs in addition to the movement of the mattress sliding can create lots and lots of noise.

It’s definitely not the quietest bed frame! A platform bed frame/box spring, whilst one of the best bed frames for storage space underneath, is actually far from being one of the quietest bed frames.

A wood platform bed/box spring is likely to be not only noisy, but sex is likely to cause damage to a wood platform bed. A box spring bed frame is more suited to a spare room than the room that you’re planning to party in, as the box spring bed is great for sleeping – but not much else! Time to swap the box spring out for a newer, nice bed frame.

Which is best?

Generally, if you can provide the necessary care, a well-made metal bed frame will be superior when it comes to finding a quiet bed frame for sex. A metal frame will last longer, and will usually be closer to noise free than a wooden bed frame.

Steel bed frames are easily accessible, too. They’re sold widely, which means that accessing a great bed frame shouldn’t be too hard.

How to pick out a sturdy bed frame for sex

Best Bed Frame For Sex

In addition to the noise levels created by your bed frame, you’ll also want to be sure that you have a sturdy bed frame. This will influence the noise to some extent, too. A sturdier bed frame will create less noise as it, on a whole, will move much less. Fewer moving parts means a quieter bed frame!

The likeliness of your bed frame breaking depends in part on the quality of the bed frame, and in part on what material it is made from.

For example, wooden slats are prone to bending and cracking under too much weight, so when you’re in the act, putting too much pressure on a certain part of your bed frame could cause issues. Alternatively, most of the time, a metal bed frame will be more reinforced. A metal frame will be harder to bend or break than wooden slats.

To some extent, box spring bed frames may be sturdy (although not as sturdy as the metal frame) as the frame is usually a large square base.

However, the springs are likely to bend and shift out of place with too much movement, just like wooden slats and this can create further noise, making it even less of a quiet bed frame, and can make box spring bed frames uncomfortable.

As a result, metal bed frames are usually the best choice when looking for a bed frame for sex. With no wooden slats or springs, it may be worth looking at a sturdy steel frame as opposed to a simple metal bed frame, especially if you’re likely to need it to hold up against some exciting sexual escapades.

A solid steel bed frame is very hard to break! This is why a steel frame is often considered to be one of the most quiet bed frames by advertisers.

What type of mattress is best for sex?

What type of mattress

In addition to your bed frame, you should also consider other bed features when trying to make a quiet bed frame that is the best bed for sex. Things like the mattress, for example, is a big factor to consider. Is a traditional spring mattress better or worse than a memory foam mattress? Here’s what you need to know.

Typically, the best mattresses are those that fit between a medium soft to firm category. You should avoid the traditional spring mattress, as these springs can poke and prod into people as you’re laying on the bed. Alternatively, memory foam mattresses are ideal for sex, as they cushion the bouncing, and protect both you and your bed frame.

Memory foam is also a great way to keep your bed frame squeak free, by absorbing some of the movement. Likewise, a latex mattress is a great choice to provide sufficient cushioning and comfort.

The right mattress, paired with the right bed frame, can create a wonderful time for you and your partners.

What else is there to consider when picking the right bed frame for sex?

picking the right bed frame

It’s also worth considering getting a decent headboard and footboard, as the right headboard can prevent your bed frame from smacking into the wall during intercourse.

A footboard, alternatively, can make the bed frame much more comfortable for yourself and your partner during sex. Particularly for taller people, the removal of a footboard or the changing of a footboard to best allow yourself movement and freedom, and, ultimately, comfort!

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