The 10 Best Things to Do in Foley

Foley is a renowned city located in Baldwin County, Alabama. It is a historic location that offers numerous world-class landmarks and attractions. The downtime business area draws in thousands of tourists each year.

With its dynamic economic weather and climate, Foley remains open to visitors. Furthermore, it ensures their comfort and satisfaction. In this article, let us discuss the 10 best things an individual can do in Foley.

1. Alligator Alley

Established in 2004 as a protected area for alligators, Alligator Alley stands today as a fascinating public attraction. It gives the visitors a view of the rescued gators. It includes the mature adults and the newly-hatched ones of the reptiles.

Individuals can look at the alligators from a safe distance and watch the majestic creatures bask under the sunshine.

2. Gulf State Park

Located on Baldwin County’s southern shores, the Gulf State Park stretches over 6,500 acres and includes mesmerizing streams, fresh-water lakes, beaches, and pine forests. Various sports and activities remain available, including kayaking, hiking, surfboarding, etc.

The Gulf State Park offers camping facilities and cabins for accommodation. Nevertheless, a person can take up homes for sale in foley al, if they wish to stay or live here for a long time.

3. Dinosaurs in the Woods

Developed by the artist Mark Cline, Dinosaurs in the Woods shows us the scenario if which dinosaurs lived even today. The attraction entails a wooded area filled with life-size models and statues of prehistoric creatures.

The Dinosaurs in the Woods is exceedingly popular owing to its Jurassic Park feel and style. A person can cozy up to their favorite dinosaur and take a picture.

4. Antique Rose Trail

The Antique Rose Trail remains filled with roses of various sizes and colors, allowing a person to spend a fragrant afternoon.

The area showcases the enthralling flowers coupled with the comfortable trail winds. A springtime visit is the best, allowing the roses to remain in full bloom. Additionally, an individual can also see various other floral displays and wildlife.

5. The Park at OWA

Best Things to Do in Foley

The Park at OWA lies on the shores of the 14-acre lake in Alabama. It is a dining, entertainment, and retail complex. It entails an amusement park having twenty-one rides open to the public.

The Park at OWA creates the most suitable place for an adrenaline rush. Also, it hosts diverse shops and offers various entertainment and dining options.

6. Graham Creek Nature Preserve

Graham Creek Nature Preserve is home to numerous rare plant and animal species. The 500-acre land houses pine savannas, mixed forests, and wetlands.

Besides immersing oneself in nature, the place allows individuals to engage in several recreational activities. It includes paddling and canoeing to Wolf Bay, bird-watching, and walking along the cross-country path or trail. Additionally, the park organizes various sporting activities.

7. Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo

The Alabama Gulf Coast Zoo encompasses more than 600 animals living in enclosed areas resembling their natural habitats. They include Capuchin monkeys, reptiles, cockatoos, tigers, etc. Lemurs, kangaroos, and tamanduas can also get found here.

A person can enjoy the site of the animals relaxing or playing. They can also see animals they have never seen before.

8. Bon Secour River

Bon Secour River provides a beautiful scene with labyrinths of waterways and wetlands with trees all around and bald eagles flying. It is suitable for kayaking tours, allowing people to experience birdlife, nature, and wildlife.

A person can drift under the bridges and pass by the scenic woodlands, witnessing a scene close to cinematic movies.

9. Baldwin County Heritage Museum

The Baldwin County Heritage Museum gives an insight into the stories and history surrounding the Alabama region. It houses a broad category of artifacts, tools, and machinery utilized by the citizens since the 1900s.

Furthermore, the museum showcases the traces of the local community, from their culture and photographic exhibits to documents.

10. Foley Art Center

The Foley Art Center showcases the work of various Alabama artists over the last 50 years. It organizes regular events like the ‘Art in the Park.’ Allowing local craftsmen and artisans to display their talents. Even children do not get left out of the occasion.

The center also arranges several types of classes. They include painting, DIY crafts, and drawing lessons.

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