The Best Typography of 2022: A Year in Review

Keep up with font trends and get your artworks a modern look by adding such types!

There are several font styles that really blew up in 2022. I took a look and analyzed which types were mostly used by websites, brands, logos, and print media so now we can predict what to use to be in trend in the near future. You will find the 7 most stylish fonts in this article and maybe pick some of them for your next design!

Knowing the trends you can find the font that meets their requirements by yourself. It is a perfect option for designers who don’t want to be seen as outdated but still need some uniqueness in their artworks. In such case you can check out The Designest. There you will find tons of trendy types you can choose from.

Main font trends of 2022

We may anticipate a shift in 2022 typography trends away from incomprehensible fonts toward type that is more sincere, legible, and inclusive.

Big businesses tend to choose typefaces that perform better on digital platforms as the internet market grows more saturated, and type plays a significant part in this movement.

Fluid, straightforward scripts and rustic serifs take the place of fussier serif types, while rounded sans serifs are used more often since they are seen as UX-friendly and welcoming.

Following the trends, we can say that the most well-liked font styles in 2022 will be the ones with an open and honest vibe, readability and online accessibility as top priorities.

Speaking of concrete font types — here you will be given artistic freedom. Scripts, serifs and sans serifs: you will be able to use them all and your works will still be modern and stylish.

In 2022, we anticipate seeing examples of each of the font groupings in branding, print, packaging, and online design (websites and social accounts). Keep up with the latest type developments by reading on and learning more about these fascinating font trends.

1. Curvy sans serifs

These rounded sans serifs represent the trend toward fuss-free branding in 2022 by being straightforward, inclusive, and honest. Previously, child-oriented items were the exclusive domain of rounded typefaces, but these more sophisticated versions of the curvy type style strike the ideal harmony between amiable naivete and geometric design.

This modern font style is excellent for usage across a variety of branding initiatives and is also incredibly readable, increasing online accessibility for users who are visually impaired. Use it to create applications, brochures, advertising, and logos.

Examples: Visby Round Sans Serif Font, Nanomaton minimalist sans serif typeface.

2. Bold serifs

The next 2022 font trend is these achingly gorgeous high-contrast serif types that provide print and digital projects a literary identity by drawing inspiration from oriental typefaces.

These powerful fonts strike the ideal mix between classic and modern design, giving logo and brand designs a timeless yet contemporary look that is ideal for businesses that wish to appear more established. Serifs with a high contrast ratio look fantastic as body types on web pages and are simpler to read than traditional serifs.

Examples: Breadley elegant serif typeface, Koldby modern and elegant serif font, Slabien modern slab serif font, Stigsa Display high-contrast serif font.

3. Fun and quirky

These types have an exact reason for their popularity! We can undoubtedly anticipate a surge of designs honoring the rustic, mid-century vibe of its French location when Wes Anderson’s much-awaited ode to journalism, The French Dispatch, comes released at the end of 2021. Erica Dorn, Anderson’s graphic designer, developed stunning poster artwork for the movie that features images by Javi Aznarez and quirky hand-drawn typography in a serif style that is reminiscent of a typewriter.

In 2022, you may use these subtly quirky font types to give your creations a cozy old feel. Look for classic serifs and sans-serifs with little eccentricities. You’re on the correct route if the characters have a small handcrafted wobble.

Examples: Fonseca Art Deco sans serif font family, Linguista monoline handwritten font, Old Church trending serif fonts.

4. Florid scripts

Best Typography of 2022

Speaking of trendy typography, another one that has been increasing its popularity since 2021 is incredibly fluid, silky script typefaces that combine calligraphic and Art Nouveau features. You may include artistic type in your artworks with these lovely and lyrical script fonts.

These scripts will become even more fluid and straightforward in 2022, with a clear Arabic influence on the design. The display typefaces look great layered over photographs and may be used to accentuate packaging, product photography, or websites. They are more legible than other script styles because they rarely use the actual handwritten cursive.

Examples: Runalto luxury display font, Black Delights elegant ligature font, De Hudson rustic trending script fonts.

5. Rustic serifs

The serif trend is set to stay. Let me introduce you to the rustic serif fonts if you like the way sculptural serifs appear but are looking for something a bit more on-trend.

These serifs are subtly charming with a touch of refined imperfection, and they are inspired by European café signs. These contemporary typefaces, which are casual and naturally attractive, may be used to give print projects, such as posters and book covers, more personality.

Examples: Minyi feminine serif typeface, Aureate sophisticated serif typeface, Montage delicate serif font.

6. Simple and strong sans serifs

There is no fresher breath of air after a year of warped, quirky typefaces than a solid, uncomplicated sans serif. Bold, forceful fonts are a current font style that works well for headlines and are ideal for business projects or layouts that need to get to the point quickly.

To emphasize the strength of your uncomplicated serif, match it with high-contrast color combinations like black and white or acid neons.

Examples: Emelind modern bold sans serif typeface, Dalton strong sans serif display font, Volante stylish condensed font.

7. Retro fonts

While typefaces that are overtly vintage might currently appear a bit too gimmicky, fonts that gently recall 1970s type designs feel contemporary and stylish.

In 2022, chubby vintage typefaces will be utilized to lend a significant dose of joy and optimism to logos, signs, packaging, and websites. We also anticipate that retro-inspired fonts will go super-sized. These chubby vintage types can uplift your spirits in 2022 if you’re seeking a font trend to make you grin.

Examples: Dubbo chubby retro font, Thick Thinks quirky display font, Capuche bold retro display

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