Need an Extra Bed? Here Are 7 Big Lots Daybed with Trundle to Check Out

Need an extra bed yet don’t have a room for it? Consider getting a daybed with trundle. A daybed is a multifunction piece of furniture by itself.

But a daybed with trundle takes it to another level. You basically get a 3-in-1 piece of furniture, which is great if your available space is limited.

Below, we listed Big Lots daybed with trundle examples that you’d want to check out.

The daybeds are not only functional, but they are also aesthetical. Indeed, you can make a statement with them easily. Alright, with no further ado, here is the list.

1. Gray Upholstered Daybed

Big Lots daybed with trundle

Daybeds are known for how practical and versatile they are. But can they add elegance to the room? Of course. This upholstered daybed here is an example.

The daybed with trundle is covered with gray fabric upholstery. Its backrest features button tufted, and its sides are curved. These features make the daybed an excellent addition to a home.

2. 3-in-1 Big Lots Daybed with Trundle

Big Lots daybed with trundle

This one is definitely a game-changer. How could it not? This daybed functions not just as a daybed, but also sofa as well as an extra bed. It brings practicality, functionality, and style to the space.

The daybed comes in a mid-century style. It has a pair of stylish wingback arms and a diamond-tufted backrest.

Plus, it is designed in a way that air can pass freely under the daybed’s mattress. This, in turn, keeps the mattress fresh and cool.

3. Bronze Metal Daybed

Big Lots daybed with trundle

Perhaps you are looking for something less intricate but still stylish? This one is a good option. This daybed saves space while at the same time providing extra seating and bed.

The trundle is easy to roll out. Meaning, you are always ready to provide a spot to rest for your guests to spend the night. Another advantage of the daybed is that the metal frame provides excellent support. Plus, it is durable, too.

4. Stylish Brown Metal

This is another Big Lots metal daybed with trundle. This stylish metal frame offers sturdiness, durability, and excellent support.

The frame features well-crafted detailing, which adds style to the space. If you are looking for a charming, save-spacing solution, this brown daybed is worth considering.

5. White Metal Daybed

When it comes to a Big Lots daybed with trundle, the emphasis is often on functionality and versatility.

That, however, doesn’t mean you should overlook style. After all, there are various functional, versatile, and stylish options out there. This white daybed with trundle is a good example of that.

6. Victorian-style Daybed

Featuring a pair of sleighed arms and a backless design, this daybed and trundle add elegance and style to the space effortlessly.

It blends Victorian and modern aesthetics, which creates an interesting visual cue.

7. Mid-century Black Upholstered Daybed

Mid-century Black Upholstered Daybed

The mid-century style has its unique charm. And that applies to mid-century daybeds with trundle, too. Just look at this daybed.

It comes in a mid-century style, offering not just a comfortable resting spot but also a stylish addition to the space.

These are some Big Lots daybed with trundle examples. So, what do you think? Which daybed piques your interest the most?

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