8 Best Bird Bath Decorating Ideas for Your Garden

Placing a bird bath in the garden can be a good idea to fill the space. If you have a garden with many plants and flowers, birds might come and it is nicer to apply bird bath decorating ideas. Check the list of best ideas below to create a prettier garden.

1. Ceramic Topper Bird Bath

Ceramic Topper Bird Bath

This is the unique option of a bird bath because the size is relatively small. The topper is made from ceramic and it looks like a simple bowl.

There is no decoration in the center of the bowl, so it is easier to clean. This bird bath is excellent for your small garden.

2. Flower Shape Bird Bath

Flower Shape Bird Bath

This bird bath gives a vintage vibe to your garden. The color is sand-like. The shape of the bath bowl looks like a blooming flower.

At the center of the bowl has a spray that will circulate the water in the bird bath bowl. It is nice for the center of the garden and leaves it in natural color.

3. Sandy Stone

Sandy Stone

The sandy stone style is one of the best bird bath decorating ideas. You can do it yourself as long as you have the sand and make it concrete.

You only have to make it in a bowl, after that place the bowl on the pile of stones. Surrounding it with flowers is nicer.

4. Brick bird bath

Brick bird bath

A brick bird bath is one of the best options for bird bath decorating ideas. Brick has natural color and it also invites the birds to come to the bowl.

The stand and the bowl are from bricks. You don’t have to buy a special bird bath, but create a DIY with the right size.

5. Solar bird bath

Solar bird bath

This is the model that has been popular recently because you don’t have to connect it to the electricity.

The bowl is placed on the leg stand and the center of the bowl has a mini tap. When the sun is shining, the water will come out from the tap. It is a simple yet elegant option.

6. Old Milk Jug Bird Bath

Old Milk Jug Bird Bath

The old milk jug can be a stand for the bird bath. Even though it has rust already, this option is still nice because it gives different vibes to the garden.

You can place a big bowl in the old milk jug’s mouth. Placing some stones as decoration will add beauty and a vintage vibe to it.

7. Hanging Nest

Hanging Nest

You can have a bird bath without placing it on the ground. You can hang a nest-like bird bath on the big tree. The base of the nest is from branches that form a nest and then place a bowl on it. It is an alternative design of birds nest decorating ideas.

8. Teapot design

Teapot design

Another DIY that you can try is teapot design. You can arrange a set of teapots in the garden and the top part is the lay plate to place the water. However, you should be careful with this design since every part is separated.

Those bird bath decorating ideas are good inspirations if you plan to have one. The designs are mostly simple and you can create them by yourself. Find the right theme to fit your beautiful garden.

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