Bleeding Heart Flower Meaning

The bleeding heart flower sounds quite dramatic, but it is the name of a flower that has a heart shape. The color is red like blood, but the size is very small. The bleeding heart flower meaning is related to love and compassion. Some others believe that this flower has a sense of romance.

This plant is from China, and other parts of the world like East Asian countries have these flowers as well. It grows well in subtropical countries and blooms during spring and summer. This species is very special because of the shape of the flower it not blooming openly like other flowers.

Unconditional Love for Partner

Bleeding heart flower meaning

If you want to express your unconditional love to your partner, giving a bleeding heart flower is something that you can consider. The flowers represent unconditional love for someone. You do not need the same energy from the same people as long as they allow you to stay in their life.

You can give this flower to your partner to get this bleeding heart flower meaning. On special occasions such as wedding day, proposal, and wedding anniversary, this flower can give a sweet meaning to the partner who received it.

The Feeling of Heartbreak

The red color of the flower represents the heartbreak

Besides expressing a deep love, the flowers can express sadness because of heartbreak. You can grow this plant to represent your sadness. The red color of the flower represents the heartbreak that your heart is bleeding because of the sadness you feel.

This bleeding heart flower meaning can be a reason to give other people a gift to express the sympathy or sadness they experience. You want to deliver and convince them that life is going on and the flower represents your understanding for them.

Rebirth and Renewal

Rebirth and renewal are the meanings that this flower

Rebirth and renewal are the meanings that this flower has. It is because the dying flower during the blooming period will appear again and again until the winter is coming. If the plant grows in tropical areas, the flower can appear all year without any period gap.

The meaning can represent that life continues no matter what happens. When something bad happens, fate will replace us with another phase where happiness is coming. Our life has entered another rebirth and we can be someone new with this renewal.

The Symbol of Sensitivity

symbol of a bleeding heart flower is sensitivity

Another symbol of a bleeding heart flower is sensitivity. It is because the flowers can easily fall from the branches. However, another flower will appear to replace the dying flower. The bleeding heart flower meaning represents sensitivity.

You can give this flower to someone during their sensitive time, such as loss, mourning, and sickness. It will remind them that there are still other people who express their sympathy for their low condition. The flowers are pretty to mix in a bouquet that you send to other people for this intention.

Showing Great Respect to Other People

Showing Great Respect to Other People

The bleeding heart flowers are rare to find because not many people grow this plant in their gardens. Because of this reason, you may not find this flower easily. So, giving this flower to other people can show respect because of your effort.

The Sense of Innocence

The Sense of Innocence

This meaning comes from Japanese folk. The flower was given to a lover by a prince, but the prince was rejected, though his love was pure and innocent. You can express your pure and innocent love to other people using this flower.

Eternal Beauty and Grace

Eternal Beauty and Grace

The heart shape of the flower represents the eternal beauty that the flower offers. As you grow this plant, you can reflect on your own life. Love is everyone’s basic need that will help them to feel more feelings and grow to be a decent person.

The philosophy of this flower comes from how the flowers appear on the plant during the blooming season. Bleeding heart flowers do not grow simply because they need time to form the heart shape. It will remind you about beauty. The transformation of the flower is also graceful.

The bleeding heart flower meaning is the reason why some people grow this plant in their gardens The flower has a unique shape and it can improve the beauty of your garden. Thus, this flower is versatile to express feelings, from happiness to sadness that can perfectly fit your feelings.

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