Need an Extra Bed? Check Out These 7 Space-Efficient Bobs Furniture Daybed with Trundle

A daybed is one of the most crucial pieces of furniture. It serves as extra seating by day and an extra bed at night. Even more so one that comes with trundle. Want to buy a Bobs Furniture daybed with trundle but still haven’t decided which to choose?

We can help you with that. Below, we have a list of 7 space-efficient daybeds with trundle you want to check out.

1. Minimalist Mid-Century with Scandinavian Oak Finish

Mid-Century with Scandinavian Oak

If you love minimalism, you will love this mid-century modern-daybed with trundle. Despite not having intricate ornamentation, this minimalist daybed looks inviting and pleasant to the eyes. 

Its Scandinavian oak color finish enhances the wood’s natural beauty. Combined with geometric forms and sleek lines here and there, this daybed is the epitome of beauty in simplicity.

2. Can’t Go Wrong with Navy Blue

Navy Blue daybed ideas

In need of a foolproof daybed? Look no further than this navy blue daybed, then. This beautiful daybed is the perfect combination of function and style. 

This Bobs Furniture daybed with trundle makes a good addition in almost any room, from a home office, guest room to teen bedroom, and almost any décor style. The extra, under-bed trundle only makes it better. 

3. Simple yet Stylish

stylish daybed ideas

There is nothing wrong with choosing a daybed with intricate design and ornamentation. That, however, doesn’t mean a simple daybed can’t be stylish.

The design of the daybed is as simple as it gets, but it adds style. A solid option if you want furniture that is simple yet stylish.

4. Beige Upholstered Bobs Furniture Daybed with Trundle

Beige Upholstered Bobs Furniture

Want to provide your guests with convenient extra beds? This daybed offers convenience and more.

Upholstered in polyester fabric, this charming and ultra-chic offers timeless design and adds elegance to the space. Extra beds by night, extra stylish seating by day.

5. Tufted and Upholstered Daybed

Tufted and Upholstered Daybed

A daybed can be the centerpiece of a room, too. This one here is proof of that. The daybed comes with tufted parts and gray upholstery. 

It looks sleek and stylish while providing the utmost comfort. Its dark upholstery contrasts with the bright surroundings, turning it into the focal point of the room.

6. Openwork Silhouette

Openwork Silhouette daybed

An openwork silhouette is always interesting to look at. And it works well for a daybed, too.

This daybed features an openwork silhouette and gives off an open-air vibe, thanks to the ornamentation. It makes a good choice for a small space as it keeps things neat and uncrowded.

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7. Traditional and Sophisticated

Traditional and Sophisticated daybed

This daybed combines the traditional and sophisticated, resulting in an aesthetic piece of furniture. The trundle is designed in a way that when it is not in use, it is hidden away seamlessly as if it is not there.

A daybed with trundle is always a welcome addition to a home. After all, if you have such a daybed, you need not worry about not having extra beds for your guests. 

Plus, when not used as extra beds, a Bobs Furniture daybed with trundle can be used as extra seating for everyone to relax or lounge on. It is as functional, and space-efficient as a piece of furniture can get.

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