Can I Get My Car Washed at Home Using Car Wash Services?

Can I get my car washed at home by hiring car wash services? Yes, why not? You can get your auto cleaned simply by calling home car wash services.

There is no need to leave the house and queue for hours to get somebody to wash your car in the car wash outlet anymore.

From basic exterior wash to premium valeting, you can enjoy various services right from your front. Let’s dive down into how you can get services of a mobile car wash in detail and how much they cost here.

Mobile Car Wash Services – How Do They Work?

It is quite easy to find a home-car service and Googling your local area will help a lot. As an alternative, you can ask for recommendations from friends or family.

If you are not sure which mobile car service to choose, you can use certain apps. They can easily hook you up with companies in your local area.

The next thing you should do is just arrange a convenient time to allow a team of professionals to clean up your car.

When it comes to car washing, there are different levels that you need to know. You can pick up a simple exterior hand wash, specialist services like leather upholstery cleaning, or right-through detailing.

As for the payment, it is usually done upfront. It is a common payment scheme especially if you book the car wash service through an app or book it online.

Most of the time, the company will let you know if any preparation is needed before their team arrives at your house. This might include removing child car seats.

How Much Do the Services Cost?

Each of these services, of course, is different in price as well. Some factors are known to contribute to the different prices of the services.

They include the size of the car and the region where you reside. Another main factor that causes the different cost of the services is if your auto really needs to be cleaned.

Generally speaking, exterior cleaning costs $20 to $50. This service is also called exterior or custom hand wash sometimes. For wax and “deluxe” clean, the cost ranges from $40 to $100.

Meanwhile, if you want to wash with tires and trunk rims, the cost will be around $30 to $50. As for the interior and exterior cleaning, the cost usually starts from $40. The interior cleaning offered by car wash services usually includes a wipe and a vacuum.

Additional Services

Aside from the services mentioned above, many home car wash companies offer valeting packages. You might find these packages in different names such as platinum, gold, and silver services.

They will make it easier for you to find the best type of services that meet your budget. Some mobile car wash companies also offer add-on services.

These usually include engine cleaning, upholstery steaming, and leather conditioning. These services, of course, will add to the cost. However, the results are worth your money

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