Can I Keep a Refrigerator Outside?

Can I keep a refrigerator outside? It is a common question for those who have a second refrigerator or a small house. A wrong action may damage the refrigerator.

Indeed, you can place a refrigerator outside, along with some considerations. Check things to consider before putting a refrigerator outside. 

Ensure that You Buy an Outdoor Refrigerator

Indoor and outdoor refrigerators look the same, but they are not. Manufacturers design outdoor refrigerators that are more flexible to wider temperatures than indoor fridges. An outdoor fridge is also heavily insulated. 

It helps to reduce the impact of temperature fluctuations. Most refrigerators are designed for 55 to 80 degrees and lose their effectiveness outside these ranges.

The insulation system in outdoor refrigerators also protects the content and components, such as motor and compressor. Manufacturers also build outdoor refrigerators from rust-resistant materials, such as 304-stainless steel. 

Consider the Location

You still have to consider the location to put the fridge even when buying an outdoor model. Ensure that the location is safe enough from direct sunlight. Sunlight can heat the fridge and increase the temperature. 

High temperatures can damage the fridge. On the other hand, ensure that the location is dry enough even in the winter or rainy season.

Choose a place that is free of foliage and debris. This trick will make the lifespan of your refrigerator longer. 

Consider the Extreme Climate

Can I keep a refrigerator outside in extreme weather? Think twice to put a fridge outdoor if you are living in an area with extreme weather.

The too hot or too cold area will damage the fridge. The refrigerator may automatically shut down when it no longer is able to regulate the outdoor temperature.

Ensure that you can easily remove the refrigerator in extreme weather if you still want to put it outside. 

Put the Fridge on a Place with a Shield

Build a shield first on the location if it isn’t safe enough for the fridge. It helps enough to protect the fridge from extremely hot sunlight or cold weather. Ensure that the shield can also protect it from wind, dust, dirt, and water. 

Ensure That The Location Has a Good Airflow

Put the unit in a location with good airflow. Good airflow will stabilize the temperature around the unit. It means that the temperature of the area will always meet the safe temperature standard for outdoor refrigerators.

Put the Unit in an Area that Easy to Pass

You have to inspect your outdoor refrigerator regularly. That’s why you should place the unit in an area that is easy to pass through.

It is important to inspect the unit regularly to ensure that it still works well. At the same time, you can also easily clean and move the refrigerator.  

The point is that putting a refrigerator outside is risky. You have to consider so many things to keep the unit safe and working just like its function.

The consideration above may answer the question of can I keep a refrigerator outside. It also helps you to decide wisely.  

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