Can You Paint Plastic Storage Sheds?

Some people choose a plastic shed to have outdoor storage. This product is affordable and suitable for those who only have a limited budget.

The problem is that you may want to customize the color of the plastic storage sheds. Can you paint plastic storage sheds? Yes, you can with some requirements. Check the steps below and apply them.

Sand Down the Shed

The surface of the plastic storage sheds is very smooth. It makes the paint easily come off and you need more paint to get the best color. One of the best ways to overcome this problem is by using fine-grain sandpaper.

Sand down the surface of the shed first to get a bit rougher surface. The paint will stick to the rough surface.

This trick can also make the paint last longer. Using 120 to 220 grit sandpaper is a good option because it doesn’t make the shed too scratchy.

Wash the Shed

Wash your shed once you finish sanding down it. This process helps to wash the dirt and dust before painting it. As a result, the new paint looks smooth and clean on the shed.

Use a pressure washer to wash the shed if you have it. If it is not, you can use a bucket of water to clean it. Let the shed completely dry before continuing to the next steps.

Cover Areas You Don’t Want to Paint

Prepare newspaper and tape to cover areas you don’t want to paint once the shed dries. It is okay if you create a new shed design before repainting it, so you don’t mess up the process.

Do this process carefully so the new design looks like what you want. You can skip this step if you want to repaint all parts of the shed.

Cover the Surface with Prime

Can you paint plastic storage sheds smoothly? Yes, you can. Instead of directly painting the surface, cover it with prime.

This product is formulated to make the paint stick better to surfaces. Prime will also make the paint last longer. The result is smoother because this product also prevents chips and cracks.

Paint the Shed

Wait for a few hours until the prime dry. Now, you can paint the shed based on the design you have made before. Use paint rollers to cover large areas with paint and a paintbrush for more detailed and precise strokes.

Ensure that you get the color you want. Let the paint dry for a few hours or even over a night. Ensure that the paint is completely dry and take out all newspapers and tape. Check the details of the shed and use it like before when the paint is dry.

That’s it! You don’t need to ask can you paint plastic storage sheds anymore. You know the answer after reading this information.

It even explains the steps to paint a shed for smoother, more polished, and last longer. As a result, you will have a more attractive shed like what you want.

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