Can You Screw into a Tree without Hurting It?

There is a time that you have to screw into a tree, such as when building a treehouse for your kids. Can you screw into a tree without hurting it because you have taken care of it for many years?

Check the information below to know whether it is possible to screw into a tree without hurting it. 

Tricks to Screw into a Tree without Hurting It

You may be glad because you can still build a treehouse for your kids without affecting the tree. The safest way to screw into a tree is by using a Treehouse Attachment Bolt or TAB and a floating bracket.

It is considered a safe method because these two tools allow you to create a treehouse without creating a lot of holes in the tree. 

The treehouse is also strong and safe enough because the floating bracket fixes onto the TAB. Imagine that this single bolt can hold 9000 up to 12000 pounds as long as correctly fitted.

TAB also supports the compartmentalization or the healing process around the wounded area on trees. 

This tool will also not disturb the trees to expand their girth. A spring steel TAB with a floating bracket is powerful enough to fight against the wind. It keeps the tree moving in the wind without affecting the treehouse structure. 

The Way to Install a Treehouse Attachment Bolt or TAB

Now, you can explain to others when they are asking can you screw into a tree without hurting it after seeing your treehouse.

The next thing you should know is the way to install a Treehouse Attachment Bolt or TAB.

Prepare all tools you need, such as the TAB, a hammer and nail, a drill, a ratchet or a large monkey wrench, a level, a self-feeding bit, and an auger bit. 

Go to the tree where you want to build a treehouse. Then pick the area where you want to mount the TAB. Take a nail and hammer it into this point.

It is only to give a sign when removing the TAB. Use the three-inch drill bit to create a hole for the TAB collar. Ensure that the depth is the same as the size of the TAB collar. 

Use a one-inch TAB collar if the depth of the hole is one-inch. The way to measure the depth of the hole is from the cambium. Ensure that the hole is level. Take the 11/8 auger bit and drill two inches into the tree. 

Pull the drill out while it is running. It helps to clear the debris. Now, hand turns the TAB as far as you can into the hole. Use the ratchet or monkey wrench once you can’t hand turn it anymore.

A cheater bar will help a lot to accomplish this process. Don’t tighten the nut at the end of the TAB. Fix the bracket then hold the beams first. 

The next thing to do is install a floating bracket. The purpose of not tightening the nut is also to slide the floating bracket over it. Slide the floating bracket over the TAB and tighten the nut.

Screw into the flat plate of the floating bracket. You would better do this process from above to make it more straightforward. You will see the answer can you screw into a tree without hurting it to build a strong treehouse.      

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