8 Cheap Patio Paver Ideas to Make over Your Outdoor

Do you want to improve patio with new pavers without breaking the bank? Use these cheap patio paver ideas to upgrade your outdoor space with simplified budget.

Despite the affordable price, they give you amazing results with exclusive looks.

1. Concrete Pavers and Gravels

Concrete Pavers and Gravels

Concrete pavers are basic but it does not mean boring. Depending on how you make it, concrete pavers can transform your patio into a cozy and aesthetic spot to gather with the loved ones. For example, use the concrete paver on one side and spread gravels on the other side of the patio.

You can also use gravels to fill in the gap between pavers. Besides creating a visual appeal, it lets you use less concrete during the process.

2. Oversized Concrete Pavers with Firepit

Oversized Concrete Pavers with Firepit

The smaller your concrete pavers the more time you need to finish the project. Oversized concrete pavers are cheap patio paver ideas on a budget that is time-efficient, not to mention it can be a powerful attention stealer. Make the pavers in a certain space and use gravels for visual attraction.

This patio paver idea fits perfectly with a concrete fire pit, allowing you to spend the night with your favorite people and keep yourself warm.

3. Symmetrical Pavers

Cheap Patio Paver Ideas

If you want a seamless look in your outdoor area, these cheap patio paver ideas make your dream come true.

The basic concrete paver and gravels create a boundary that visually separates your patio from the garden. There is a firepit in the middle and iron seating for your comfort.

4. Maintenance-Free Porcelain Pavers

Maintenance-Free Porcelain Pavers

Porcelain pavers can be an instant focal point in your patio. It is naturally beautiful, not to mention it works well for every patio style.

Porcelain pavers are easy to install and available in an extensive range of sizes, colors, and textures. Opt for textured surface to prevent incidents when they are wet.

5. Grass to Fill the Gap

Grass to Fill the Gap

When you need pavers and grasses in your patio, you can try these cheap patio paver ideas. Instead of using gravels to fill in the gaps, you can let grasses grow between the pavers. The combination adds a natural flair to your outdoor. Plus, it helps prevent puddles in your backyard.

6. Flagstone Pavers

Flagstone Pavers

Flagstones are a popular alternative to patio pavers. It has been widely used in millions of gardens and patios, not only because of its natural look but also its affordability.

This material is basically easy to install but you can hire professionals for the best results. Use rubber mallet to secure the flagstone on the sand base and it will be a great addition to the outdoor space.

7. Rock Slates Pavers

Rock Slates Pavers

Rock slate is another natural material to pave your patio in addition to flagstone. If you want to embrace the nature and give your outdoor patio a simple look, rock slates are worth the thought. Use gravels to fill in the gap and keep the slates in place.

Improving the patio does not have to cost an arm and a leg. Use cheap patio paver ideas to elevate your outdoor to another level without draining your bank account.

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