Back To Basics: Checker Plate Steel

We are sure that you have watched a neat deal of sci-fi and cyberpunk movies with all the steel and metal in the background. You notice the landings and platforms with the odd lentil and round bean shapes that actors run across.

You see them all the time, but you have no idea what they are overall. These platforms and other metallic materials are what we call checker plate steel.

They have more to offer than being pieces of wide steel for bad guys to shoot and good guys to run across. You can buy checker plate steel for any metalwork project you might have.

What Is Checker Plate Steel?

A checker or reticulated steel plate is a kind of steel product that has a pattern on the surface. This pattern or shape can be in the form of a diamond, sphere, lentil, and so much more.

The aspect can also be concave or convex on the plate’s surface. You might think that these patterns are there for aesthetic purposes.

But the truth is that they have a unique function. It is a fact that they also work neatly as decorative pieces. But they also provide anti-skid protection for anyone who walks on the plate.

The checker plate steel process classifies the product into the following styles:

  • Pickling pattern steel
  • Crystal pattern steel
  • Rotary welding pattern steel
  • Ground muscle
  • Filing pattern steel
  • Pouring pattern steel
  • Fusion pattern steel
  • And so much more

Where Is Checker Pattern Steel Used?

Checker Plate Steel

The product finds usage in a number of fields, industries, and professions. Take a look at some of them:

  • Common pattern board

It is used primarily in shipbuilding and the construction of other transportation methods. These include cars, trains, tractors, and so on. A common pattern board also works well in the construction industry.

  • Protruding edge steel

This kind of checker plate steel has protruding edges on its sides. These plates work well for office floors, frame pedals, scaffolding, ship and boat decks, automobile chassis, and factory escalators.

  • Diamond and lentil plate

These variants are the ones you commonly see in industrial facilities. They are also used for ship floors, containers, workshop pedals, aisles, and so much more.

The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Checker Plate Steel

Like most things we use, checker plate steel is not perfect in every way. The product has several advantages and disadvantages. Check them out:

  • The advantages

Checker plate steel is durable. It can last for a long time without the need for repairs or replacement.

In addition, the plates work well as decorative pieces in any work environment. You can also transport checker steel plates without issues.

  • The disadvantages

Producing checker steel plates is no easy task. The process is complicated and complex for some. Not only that, but these steel plates can cause some issues for you and your wallet.

Where Can I Get My Hands On Checker Steel Plates?

You have the option to visit building material shops and construction outlets for your checker steel plate needs. These shops have all sorts of checker steel plates and other products that you might want to see.

Not only that, but you can peruse the items as you go. Who knows what you might find?

There is also the option to buy checker steel plates from an online store. The internet will be your best friend as you look for a shop that offers competitive prices for their plates.

But with online shopping comes great responsibility. You have to be wary of where you shop and how you will pay for the goods.

It is imperative that you check the online shop before you begin adding things to your cart. Make sure that they are legitimate and that their operations are legal. You do not want to be the victim of a scam or two.


It is crucial to take care of checker plate steel and other similar products. One way to do so is by using a clean cloth and a dedicated cleaning agent.

You can also utilize a protective wax coating for the plate steel. The wax coat will keep the plates looking new and neat. It does a decent job no matter what the plate’s material is.

Steeling The Show

It is a neat idea to utilize checker plate steel for any metalwork or industrial project you might have.

The plate is a tried-and-tested product that can withstand heavy usage and traffic. Sure, the price might be a bit too costly for some individuals. But you can never go wrong with using such a product.

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