7 Chicken Roost Ideas That Are Simple and Easy to Make

Building a chicken roost can be a fun activity during spare time. There is a bunch of chicken roost ideas that will be a perfect place for your flocks to perch and hunker down for the night.

If you are looking for simple roosting bar ideas for your chicken, deep dive into the inspiration below.

1. DIY Ladder Roost for Barn Coop

DIY Ladder Roost for Barn Coop

Grab some branches from your backyard and make a DIY ladder roost for your chickens. This roosting bar idea is suitable for any barn coop, even if you have a small space issue. Arrange the branches to create a ladder and your chicken flocks will be happy to hunk down at night.

This is among the simple chicken roost ideas that do not require special woodworking skills. Adjust the width and spacing between the bars so it can accommodate more chickens.

2. Old Ladder for Instant Roost

Old Ladder for Instant Roost

Do not throw your old ladders. Instead, you can transform them into an instant chicken roost effortlessly. The design of ladders is perfect to perch, especially if you do not have many chickens in the coop. Additionally, it can be moved anywhere you want.

If you are looking for chicken roost ideas that are super easy, this one is just for you. But you have to make sure the ladders remain strong to hold the flock.

3. Rustic Bamboo Chicken Roost

Rustic Bamboo Chicken Roost

You can always make a chicken roost from bamboo just like this photo. If you have some bamboos from the previous project, turn it into a simple roosting ladder for your chicken. As long as it can bring your chickens to elevation, your roost is perfect.

4. DIY Roosting Bar with Spacing

DIY Roosting Bar with Spacing

When building a chicken roost, it is important to consider the right spacing. This roosting ladder is designed with a good spacing so the chickens feel comfortable when perching at night without squeezing them. The ideal space between tiers is around 1.5ft or more.

5. Wooden Roosting Bar

Chicken Roost Ideas

If you want an aesthetic roosting bar for your chickens, you should go for these chicken roost ideas. The neat and tidy design helps create a clean and organized look in the coop. Depending on how many chickens that you have, you can adjust the size and the number of bars it has.

6. Sturdy Chicken Roost

Sturdy Chicken Roost

Some homeowners take chicken roost project seriously. If you belong to this group, put your effort to build this wooden roost. Grab some wood pallets and transform them into a simple but nice roost for your chicken. Unfinished wood will generate a natural look.

7. Branches for Outdoor Roosting

Branches for Outdoor Roosting

Chicken roost is not always for inside the coop. If you plan to build a chicken roosting bar for outside the cop, this branch roost has you covered.

Find a bigger branch from your backyard and simply put it outside the coop. Your chickens will be happy to perch and hunker down during their lazy days.

Chickens naturally love to put themselves in an elevated place. Copy these chicken roost ideas to give them a cozy place to perch at night or chill out at day.

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