Choosing Good Backup Power Generators

Power is a vital part of modern life, and a major power failure or multiple power outages can really disrupt your way of living. Whether you are going camping in an RV or hunting down generators for home use, you want something that works.

But what should you look for in a new generator? Here are some things to consider when trying to find the ideal generator for your needs, such as the options at


You always want generators that you can trust. If a local power station goes out and you have major power outages, then good gas generators can keep running as long as you have gas to power them. A solar generator can work here as well, but only during daylight, where power may not be as important.

On the other hand, you may prefer generators that use solar panels if you want a constant stream of power without needing to supply gas.

This can be better for serious emergencies, like being trapped in isolated camping sites that do not have a way to resupply your gas generator.


Choosing Good Backup Power Generators

A portable generator is ideal for camping and can be moved almost anywhere as long as you have the time (and tools) to transport it properly.

Portable solar panels are similarly powerful, letting you set up emergency power generation anywhere that gets sunlight.

Of course, the more portable a generator is, the smaller it becomes. Smaller generators tend to be less powerful than their larger counterparts, so you might want a larger, less mobile generator for situations where your entire house needs power. In that instance, you do not have to move the generator.


Generators can be tough to operate, and safety is always important. Many generators can’t be used indoors without flooding a room with carbon dioxide or carbon monoxide, meaning that they can be dangerous if placed in the wrong spaces or contained in an area that has no ventilation.

There is also the fact that all generators are different. Some types may require more safety steps to use properly, while others may be inherently more dangerous to use.

A badly-made generator could even pose a serious threat to your health if it ends up breaking down when you are nearby.


The more efficiently your generator can create power, the better. In emergencies where you are not sure how long your power will be out, it is important to maximize the amount of time you do have with power before it runs out again.

Even in situations where you do know how long the power will be out, an efficient generator costs less to run and requires less fuel, which can be a far more convenient option for the average homeowner. If you are away camping, this is even more important because fuel may not be readily available.

As you might expect, solar panels do not need fuel to function, but higher efficiency leads to them generating power faster.

A weak solar panel can charge a large battery, but it could take a full day, whereas a more efficient option may cut that down to a matter of hours.

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