9 Awesome Color Ideas for Dressers to Make a Statement

Need a statement piece for your living room, bedroom, or guest room? You can buy a piece of furniture for that. But that cost money. Is there another way to get a statement piece?

Of course. You can paint your dressers, for example. Our color ideas for dressers below will show you how awesome they look.

1. Sky Blue

dressers list with sky blue

We start our paint color ideas for dressers list with sky blue. The color makes a dresser looks livelier. Notice how it contrasts the dark brown of the wooden top. The contrast is soft, but it is enough to make the dresser the centerpiece of the room.

2. Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue Dresser

Perhaps you want to paint your dresser to look older? Try vintage blue, then. The blue is less vibrant and more muted. But when combined with some golden surfaces, it creates a vintage look that reminds you of previous decades.

3. Vibrant Pink

dressers list with vibrant pink

The next one on our color ideas for dressers list is vibrant pink. If you like to go bold, the color will suit you well. With neutral surroundings, a vibrant pink dresser easily grabs attention. It brightens the mood and adds personality, too.

4. Muted Colors

muted colors for dresser

Not everyone likes bright colors. Some prefer muted colors. If you are one of these people, paint your dresser with muted colors.

They are not bright or vibrant. That said, they can turn your dresser into a statement piece. Just look at how beautiful the dresser is.

5. Go Dark

color ideas for dressers

What if you want to add some rustic vibe to the room? In that case, going with darker colors is one of the best color ideas for dressers for you. The darker colors and wooden surface create a rustic vibe and add elegance to the room.

6. Blue Gray

dresser in a single color

You don’t need to paint your dresser in a single color. You can play with contrast, too. For example, paint the outer part of your dresser in blue gray and let the brown of the wooden surface to shine. The contrast is simply gorgeous.

7. Flowers

flower dresser

If you have some drawing skills, why not turn your dresser into a canvas? You can try drawing flowers, for example. The painting turns an ordinary dresser into a personal statement piece. It adds interest to the space. Plus, you won’t find anything like it anywhere. It’s very personal.

8. Forest Green

forest green dresser is just amazing

A forest green dresser is just amazing. It adds freshness to the room and it looks elegant. It is also a calming color, turning the dresser into a perfect statement piece for just about any room. It makes a statement and pairs well with plants.

9. Paint a Landscape

Painting your dresser

Painting your dresser with one or more colors is not your only option. Painting a landscape on it is an option, too. It requires more skills and time, but you will be rewarded with something truly unique. A dresser with a hand-painted landscape is just beautiful.

So, which ones would you like to try? As our color ideas for dressers have shown you, there is no need to buy a new piece of furniture to make a statement. You can try furniture painting. It is fun, inexpensive, and you can get the looks that you probably won’t find somewhere else.

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