Avoid These Common Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes

When you look for outdoor furniture, it is very easy to be overwhelmed due to the several sizes, styling, and shape possibilities available. You surely want to buy the best possible options for you.

Regardless of whether you look for something simpler, like an outdoor bench seat, or more complex, like a furniture set for an outdoor patio, make sure to avoid the following mistakes.

Not Considering The Available Outdoor Space


You might see a beautiful outdoor dining set that you really love in a magazine. It is perfectly styled near a large pool and acres of grass.

The problem is that most people do not have such luxurious space available for their outdoor furniture. Most people can only actually fit some chairs and a table.

Before your search begins, you need to carefully analyze the space you have available. Think about how much you can actually fit. Maybe you could only buy an outdoor chair set and that would fill everything you have available. Or maybe you can just fit in a modular sofa set.

When shopping for the available space, you maximize what you have available by looking at space-saving features. And you can also take full advantage of a larger area by buying a smaller set and leaving some space open for entertainment purposes.

In addition, you have to think about how you are going to use the available space. Will you often have guests over? If this is the case, you need more seats for your guests.

Do you want to transform the space into an outdoor dining area? Do you want a lounge area? Such questions help you to choose something that is perfectly suited for your home.

A Failure To Measure Before You Buy

It might seem obvious but the truth is most people fail to measure before buying. You have to measure your outdoor space and mark it out.

You can use bedsheets or cardboard cut-outs for this purpose. Such an approach lets you figure out exactly how outdoor furniture is going to fit.

While it is completely accurate that there are fewer restrictions with garden space when compared to indoor areas, you still have to measure for a perfect fit.

Not Thinking About Quality Or Materials

Many materials look great in garden spaces. However, they might not be appropriate. There are others that will last for a very long time but will look boring and bulky. Fortunately, several materials are available that look great and are practical.

As an example, you might want to buy fabric outdoor furniture. In this case, you want to learn about UV protection and shower proofing. With showerproof fabrics, you can leave them outside when it rains. With UV protection, fading is much less likely.

You might also want to consider sets with aluminum frames. This is because aluminum resists rust and can withstand the potential damage of rain. The material is lightweight so it is very easy to move around for repositioning.

Neglecting Function For Aesthetics

We can easily get drawn in by the beautiful finishes and the trendy colors we see in magazines. The problem is that relying on aesthetics leads to buying outdoor furniture that is not comfortable for our purposes. Furniture function has to be carefully analyzed, just like form.

There are several sets available that are designed with practicality and style in mind. You can find showerproof bench cushions or other features that are perfect for the intended purpose of outdoor furniture, which is use in outdoor areas.

Forgetting About Storage

Outdoor Furniture Buying Mistakes

Let’s say you buy a beautiful outdoor table and a dining bench. The setup looks great and you really like it. But, after some time, because of constantly sitting in warm weather, the colors start to fade.

Even if the furniture is designed with outdoor use in mind, it does not mean the elements will not eventually affect it. Furniture has to be protected during colder months.

Do you have enough room available for storing garden furniture? If not, you might need to actually build a garden shed or a similar storage area. This would affect your budget.

When space is not available indoors, you can also go around it with a garden cover that can add that much-needed extra protection layer. Also, stacking dining chairs and removing fabrics should be considered for further protection.

Not Considering Existing Finishes And Colors

At the end of the day, you want an outdoor area that looks great. So, not taking styling preference into account is a huge error because you can easily end up with a space you will despise.

In an indoor setting, you match the furniture with the feature wall or the color of the sofa. In an outdoor setting, you have to take into account the patio, the flower beds, and the green lawn.

In most cases, the palette is earthy. This is why you have to choose something that will be perfectly tied to the looks of the area. Light greys and matcha green are very popular in small gardens because green blends and does not overwhelm.

Obviously, you can easily go for something really bold. But, you still have to be careful with the overall aesthetics.

Not Looking At Fine Details

Last but not least, this is a mistake that is not crucial but it can definitely make a difference. Finishing touches and fine details make the outdoor area stand out, which is definitely what you want.

For instance, adjustable floor guides look like a very small feature that could be dismissed. In reality, having a wobbly chair or garden table is very annoying.

The uneven floor would make your sitting in your new area a horrible experience. Figuring this out early means you can factor in the floor guide in the budget.

We can also highlight that not all outdoor chairs are stackable. Having them saves space and gives you extra seats you can take out when you need them. The versatility of your garden space should be something to consider, with elements like removable cushions.

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