7 Concrete and Rectangle Coffee Table References for You

When you are looking for a coffee table that is durable, easy to maintain, and unique, concrete tables can be the best answer. Concrete and rectangle coffee table is available in a variety of designs and styles that can add aesthetic value to the living room. Here are cool ideas to inspire you.

1. Concrete Block for a Living Room Statement

Concrete Block for a Living Room Statement

Let’s get started with this large concrete and rectangle coffee table. The bulky block adds an unfinished flair and cool vibe to your industrial space, thanks to its iconic grey color. This furniture piece will match your wood flooring and industrial seating.

Due to its huge size, this concrete block is perfect for a large living room. Alternatively, you can use it to complement the outdoor patio.

2. Unfinished Concrete Coffee Table

Unfinished Concrete Coffee Table

When a block is too much for your living room, this concrete table with legs can be an option. The legs keep your living room feel airier, making it a suitable option for a smaller space. The unfinished piece amplifies industrial style but it works well for a contemporary living room.

If you don’t want the legs to scratch your precious floor, place an area rug under the table. Placing some tabletop accessories can help improve the aesthetic of this concrete and rectangle coffee table.

3. Steel-Framed Coffee Table for Industrial Minimalist Style

Steel-Framed Coffee Table for Industrial Minimalist Style

Here’s the lightest version of a concrete coffee table for your minimalist living space. The steel frame that is paired with a concrete tabletop result in an appealing furniture piece. A thick rug ensures the steel frame doesn’t damage your delicate wood flooring.

4. White Rectangle Coffee Table

Concrete and Rectangle Coffee Table

Concrete coffee tables aren’t always dark and grey. This picture shows you a fascinating coffee table made of concrete that uses a sand finish to make it look chic and seamless. The concrete block makes a new statement in your modern, contemporary, and farmhouse living room.

5. Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table

Pedestal Concrete Coffee Table

This is a cool coffee table to elevate the value of your space. Featuring a tough and hard-wearing surface, the concrete and rectangle coffee table is resistant to damage. The pedestal leg ensures it doesn’t take up much space on the floor so you can maintain a roomy effect in the interior.

6. Dark Waterfall Concrete Table

Dark Waterfall Concrete Table

The popularity of waterfall coffee tables is increasing. If you want to pair its elegance with sturdiness, this dark waterfall concrete table has got you covered. The design runs smoothly from the tabletop to the leg supports, creating a beautiful and seamless look in your living space.

7. Low Concrete Coffee Table

Low Concrete Coffee Table

If you are into low seating, this low concrete coffee table is good to keep in mind. Designed with a low support in the middle, it creates a floating effect that draws the eyes to this focal point. The stained concrete coffee table looks harmonious with the matching flooring.

Concrete coffee tables are preferred for their durability and resistance to damage, not to mention they are relatively easy to clean. Upgrade your living room or outdoor patio with the right concrete and rectangle coffee table.

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