Coretec Flooring Problems: What are They?

In the market, you can find many types of flooring options to beautify your home. However, among the various types of floors, Coretec is the best and most recommended floor. Unfortunately, coretec flooring problems often occur which make the appearance of the floor at home less attractive.

What if this happens? Don’t worry, there are several ways you can fix the floor. We explain these methods in detail in the explanations in the following articles. That way, you can make Coretec floors look nicer and more maintained.

What are Coretec Flooring Problems?

Problems that occur on the floor often make us confused. The reason is, it can take a lot of time, effort, and energy if not done in the right way. Because of that, doing maintenance or coretec flooring problems replacement is not that easy. It takes a variety of appropriate methods to keep the floor looking good and stains can be removed without residue.

Well, this article provides a discussion of all the coretec flooring problems and also the right way to solve them. That way, you don’t have to worry anymore that the Coretec floor in your home will become ugly and unattractive. Come on, see the full discussion below!

1. Scratches

Coretec Flooring Scratches

Coretec floors are susceptible to scratches on the surface. This is a coretec flooring problem that is often felt by many people who use Coretec flooring in their homes. So, even though this floor is actually scratch-resistant, the floor can still experience scratches.

This is usually caused by the coating on the floor that is not good or not thick. So, don’t put sharp objects on the floor. If scratches do occur, use a scratch repair product on the floor that you can easily get at a hardware store.

2. Floor Cushioning

Coretec Flooring Cushioning

Another problem that often occurs on Coretec flooring is floor cushioning problems. So, the vinyl layer on the floor is actually easily damaged. If that happens, of course the Coretec floor will easily peel and be damaged. In addition, you will not feel comfortable walking on the floor.

To solve the problem, you have to do coretec flooring problems replacement properly. Make sure that you buy Coretec products in the best places to get quality and durable flooring products. Also ask the shop regarding the correct installation method. However, you should use a floor installation service so that the installation results are really good.

3. There is a Gap between the Planks on the Floor

coretec flooring problems

Another thing that often becomes a problem is the gap between one floor plank and another. That’s because Coretec floors experience shrinkage over time. Therefore, you need to know about the correct way to install Coretec flooring so that when the floor shrinks, there are no large gaps in the floor.

However, if this has happened, use wax to fill in the gap. Well, if all floors have this problem, then replace everything and fix it from scratch.

4. Heat Damage

Coretec Flooring Heat Damage

Coretec floors are made of vinyl so they are vulnerable to exposure to high heat. Therefore, do not place the floor in an area directly exposed to sunlight or an area close to a heat source.

An example is the kitchen. So, use Coretec flooring in the living room or family room so you don’t experience damage due to high heat intensity.

Those are the 4 coretec flooring problems that often occur and also the ways to overcome them. Now, you can anticipate before actually deciding to use the floor in your home.

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