7 Stylish Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas for Your Next Renovation Project

An outdoor covered kitchen is what you need if you love entertaining guests al fresco. This kitchen gives you a better outdoor cooking experience.

Moreover, it offers better entertainment for your guests. However, you can only get these benefits if you apply one of the stylish covered outdoor kitchen ideas below.

These outdoor kitchen ideas are ideal for small and large outdoor kitchens. In addition, some of them are suitable for outdoor kitchens with fuller coverage. However, others are ideal for kitchens with shade coverage only.

1. Warm and Cozy Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Covered Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

Are you looking for comfortable covered patio outdoor kitchen ideas? This covered kitchen idea is ideal for you who want to create a warm and cozy covered outdoor kitchen. It has a fireplace and cozy sofas to keep you warm and comfortable.

Near the sitting area, a small kitchen area is ready for your cooking activity. This outdoor kitchen is not only comfortable, but it is also attractive with a combination of a wood roof, dark wood flooring, and stone walls.

2. Full-Coverage Outdoor Kitchen Idea

Full-Coverage Outdoor Kitchen Idea

This is one of the most comfortable full-coverage outdoor kitchen ideas. This kitchen has a similar concept to the previous one because it combines a kitchen and a cozy sitting area. Moreover, it also has similar elements, such as wood and stone.

However, this outdoor kitchen offers better coverage because it has several enclosures. In addition, the owner hangs curtains on the opening. Therefore, you and your guests will enjoy better privacy and get better protection from the weather when you are in this outdoor kitchen.

3. Cool Gray Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Cool Gray Covered Outdoor Kitchen

Some covered outdoor kitchens look more modern than others. The outdoor kitchen above is an example. Its fabric awning roof, minimalist kitchen design, and all-gray kitchen color create a modern look in this kitchen.

4. Minimalist Outdoor Covered Kitchen and Storage with Large Dining Area

Minimalist Outdoor Covered Kitchen

This is another gray-covered outdoor kitchen idea that offers a cool modern look. This outdoor kitchen also functions as a storage and outdoor dining area. Its large dining area looks stunning with red chairs. Moreover, it is ideal for entertaining a large party.

5. Outdoor Covered Kitchen and Bar

Outdoor Covered Kitchen and Bar

This is one of the small covered outdoor kitchen ideas that you need to consider when renovating your outdoor kitchen. This covered outdoor kitchen is functional for a small kitchen. It allows you to cook comfortably.

In addition, it has a bar so you and your guests can enjoy drinks outdoors. Moreover, it looks impressive with beautiful backsplash tile, a natural stone countertop, and a stone fireplace.

6. Lovely Covered Outdoor Kitchen Idea

Lovely Covered Outdoor Kitchen Idea

The covered outdoor kitchen above is lovely. It has gray cabinets, a gray dining table, a gray wall, wood furniture, a wood ceiling, and a wood enclosure. Therefore, a combination of cool and warm colors makes this outdoor kitchen attractive.

Moreover, this kitchen is highly functional. The cooking area has everything you need for cooking, including a pizza oven. This outdoor kitchen also has a bar and a large dining area.

7. Covered Outdoor Kitchen with Transparent Roof and Vines for Curtain

Outdoor Kitchen with Transparent Roof and

This covered outdoor kitchen is unique. It doesn’t have full coverage. However, the vines that dangle from the transparent roof offer a curtain-like function. This unique natural curtain is not only attractive, but it also adds privacy to the outdoor kitchen and dining area.

The covered outdoor kitchen ideas above are all attractive. They are suitable for different kitchen styles and sizes. Therefore, renovating your outdoor kitchen by applying one of these ideas will make the kitchen looks more charming.

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