7+ Most Inviting Covered Patio Ideas

Covered patios let you enjoy the laidback atmosphere of your outdoor space while maintaining the comfort of your indoors.

These covered patio ideas can transform your backyard into a new favorite spot that offers coziness for everyone in the family.

1. Earth-toned Covered Patio

Earth-toned Covered Patio

Bring warm and friendly mood to your outdoor space with earth tone elements. Natural stones on the wall and wooden flooring paired with beige seating outfit this modest outdoor patio with natural and welcoming ambiance. A dark-colored beadboard ceiling protects you from the weather.

2. Playful Outdoor Space

Playful Outdoor Space

Turn your backyard into an inviting space to hang out with the loved ones. This patio idea incorporates colorful accessories with a low-profile sofa and a hanging chair that evokes playful atmosphere. Despite the small space, you can squeeze a dining table and benches into the area for ultimate convenience.

Hang some greeneries to get a strong natural accent. You can also hang some light fixtures to make it perfect for day and night.

3. Spacious Covered Patio

Covered Patio Ideas

When you need covered patio ideas for spacious areas, this is just for you. Feel free to add sofas, chairs, and stools without making the patio look cramped. You can even bring a dining table and matching chairs to enjoy dinner or lunch while appreciating the nature.

4. Outdoor Living Room with TV and Fireplace

Outdoor Living Room with TV and Fireplace

Watch your favorite TV show with your favorite people in your favorite spot. This covered patio incorporates technology with a flat TV installation over the fireplace. Featuring cozy sofas and arm chairs, it creates a perfect area to unwind after a long and exhausting day.

5. Small Patio with Wicker Sofa

Small Patio with Wicker Sofa

Don’t be discouraged with your patio size. These small covered patio ideas are suitable for your narrow space, featuring an earth-tone wicker sofa with a matching table.

An area rug outfits the outdoor patio with a cozy and welcoming ambiance. Use living plants to add a natural look.

6. Cozy Patio by the Pool

Cozy Patio by the Pool

Low profile sofas and coffee tables are enough to transform your outdoor area into an outstanding patio. These covered patio ideas let you snuggle with your partner, have a chat with your best friend, or simply enjoy a cup of tea while watching your loved ones playing in the swimming pool.

7. Luxury Covered Patio

Luxury Covered Patio

Make your backyard patio accessible at day and night with sufficient illumination. This covered patio features industrial pendant light fixtures over the dining area. Black color scheme all over the place combined with a fireplace and a flat TV creates a luxury and classy look.

8. Outdoor Dining Area

Outdoor Dining Area

Bring your dining table to the patio and feel the difference. Outdoor dining can be a perfect alternative to enjoy the nature vibe while digging in to your palatable dishes. Across the dining area is a seating area with wicker sofas and matching cushions and a coffee table.

Having a covered patio is a perfect way to feel the laidback atmosphere while staying away from the weather. With inspiring covered patio ideas above, you know what to do to transform your backyard deck into an ultimate outdoor space.

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