7 Cubby Room Ideas to Declutter Your Space

A cubby is initially used to encourage kids to put their personal belongings in a provided space. But nowadays, this boxlike compartment is available for any room and any purpose. Deep dive into the cubby room ideas below to help you organize your stuff while maintaining its visibility.

1. Cubby Tower with a Cabinet Bench Seat

Cubby Tower with a Cabinet Bench Seat

A towering cubby offers a creative solution to optimize the vertical space. These cubbies come with more compartments to locate and conceal different items in a narrow mudroom, allowing you to keep the space neat and tidy.

The custom-made cubby is designed with a cabinet bench to have a seat while wearing your shoes or boots. There is also a wall-mount shelf for extra storage.

2. Chic Cubby for Kid’s Bedroom

Chic Cubby for Kid’s Bedroom

This is one of the chic cubby room ideas for your kids. The open-front compartment helps your little ones put their stuff in place after each use. The customized cubby comes with a board that can be transformed into a convenient study desk.

Add a decorative touch to the room with a paper flower accent. You can also help your kids organize their belongings by color for visual interest.

3. Make It Low for Easy Access

Cubby Room Ideas

Depending on your purpose, the setting of your cubby is crucial for accessibility. Keeping the cubby low, for example, is important to help your kids reach out to all the compartments. Just in case you share the cubby room, consider using different heights for settings.

The good news, you can install a shelf above the lower cubby and transform it into a work space. This is a great solution if you’re looking for small cubby room ideas.

4. Farmhouse Cubby with Vintage Decor

Farmhouse Cubby with Vintage Decor

Accentuate your cubby space with this inspiring idea. Made of painted reclaimed wood, this white farmhouse cubby is not only functional but also visually appealing. Accessorize the space with vintage décors, such as artificial plants and artistic wood crafts.

5. Different Sizes for Different Purposes

Different Sizes for Different Purposes

If you are looking for cubby room ideas for a larger space, try built-ins for a practical organizer. The custom-made compartments are made with different sizes to accommodate various stuff. A white color palette ensures the visibility of your stuff so you can locate items in a matter of seconds.

6. Cute Cubby with Wicker Basket

Cute Cubby with Wicker Basket

It is a great idea to combine multiple storage in your cubby room. This open enclosure is paired with hooks to hang bags, hats, or jackets. The lower compartment is made special for wicket baskets to keep smaller items in place.

7. Reclaimed Wood Cubby for Reading Nook

Reclaimed Wood Cubby for Reading Nook

When you need a good cubby for your reading nook, this one has got you covered. Made from reclaimed wood material, the open-front cubby serves as nice storage for your book collections. Not only does it let you find your favorite books instantly, but also it upgrades your reading space.

Storage cubes or cubbies help you create an effective storage system to optimize vertical space and declutter any given space. Whether you have a small or large space, try these cubby room ideas to add style to your home.

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