How To Decorate A Bathroom With Recycling, You Must Try It!

Decorate A Bathroom – The recycled decor is more fashionable than ever. Reuse old objects and give them a new use is a good way to save decorating your home and look some unique spaces with vintage touches.

The bathroom is a room of the house where you can take advantage of some ancient objects and reuse them in a new way: old stairs, boxes of fruit or utensils can become very useful and decorative items.

Today we show you how to decorate a bathroom with recycling so you get this space redecorate your home without spending hardly any money. Try it!

Bathroom racks of recycled objects

Change the racks of your bathroom for a few hangers recycled! It is very easy to do and the result is very original. You just have to get a rectangular piece of wood that can stick to the wall and nail with a nail anything that can support the weight of a towel, and for example, utensils folded kitchen (spoons, forks or knives) or hanger’s timber attached to clothing.

Bathroom cabinet with fruits recycled box

The furniture on the wall always work very well in bathrooms; the usually used to store cosmetics for everyday use as deodorant, cologne, moisturizer, etc… This bathroom furniture can get it by going to the corner grocery store and asking to get one of the wooden boxes where the fruit stored (can also be used with the wooden boxes where you usually save the bottles of wine).

Painting this case color you want and giving it a coat of varnish, you have rustic and very environmentally friendly furniture in your bathroom ready for use. How nice it is?

Bath towel ladder recycled

Want to have an original and ecological towel in your bathroom? You just need to regain that old ladder that you have left in the storeroom. Place the ladder in a corner of the bathroom and she’ll hang the towels getting a touch vintage to your bathroom. If you see that the ladder is aged, you can give a paint color you like that go in line with the tone of this room in your house.

If your ladder supports, rather than a simple towel you can turn it into original decorative furniture in which you can store towels, bath gels and put some decorations that will give a chic touch to your bathroom.

Bath containers with cans

To learn how to decorate a bathroom with recycling you should pay attention to the many objects we use and then not give them any use; for example metallic cans or glass preserved.

You can recycle them and use them as containers for different bath items: toothbrushes, soap or dried flowers to decorate this space in your home for a very elegant and environmentally friendly way.

Head over to the decor recycled

Besides learning how to decorate a bathroom with recycling, we’ve also given you some ideas so you know recycling decorate a garden or you have ideas how to make recycled decor throughout the house. If what you want is to decorate with pallets, in this article we show you how to make furniture with recycled pallets.

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