Desert Rose Flower Meaning: The Best Decorative Plant

As an ornamental plant, desert rose is a popular shrub in the world because of its unique shape and petals. Desert rose flower meaning is another reason to have this plant in your house. Red hue petals and attractive flowers are believed to bring fortune to the owner.

Though the native plant is from the land in Africa, desert rose is also found in the Arab peninsula and East Asia. It also has a Chinese name because this flower is a plant that represents wealth and prosperity. Check out some more meanings about desert rose here.

The Flower of Wealth

desert rose The Flower of Wealth

Desert rose is a plant that many people believe can bring fortune and luck. According to the ancient Chinese, the house should have one pot of desert rose, so the family would be rich. The flower itself is painted in many paintings by artists because they want to make their life close to every fortune.

Thus, the shape of the desert rose contains the symbol of prosperity. The petals have a wide part with some red hue on it. The red part means the plant can bring all luck to them. Meanwhile, the steam of desert rose contains abundance because it is twisted and fat-shaped.

The Symbol of Fertility

The desert rose flower meaning is fertility

The desert rose flower meaning is fertility. They believe that the people who keep this plant in their house will have good sons and daughters and bring more luck to the family. It is because of the bulging part of the stems like the belly of Buddha who lives peacefully and full of luck.

People always try to find ways to make the stem of the flower become bulging. The bigger the bulge, the higher the luck. Some people also grow it with some technique to keep it short, so the plants will appear as what they want to be without removing the meaning.

Giving Big Energy to House

Desert rose Giving Big Energy to House

There are more reasons why the houses of Chinese and Easy Asian people have this flower in their houses. They believe that the house will attract good energy. The petals of desert roses invite good energy that beats bad energy and misfortune in the house.

This energy is a need for many East Asian people who are working as traders. With great energy, they can have more profits. It is still a big belief in China and Japan even until now. So, you may see this flower in every house because of this meaning.

A Symbol of Strength

desert rose A Symbol of Strength

Desert rose does not mean it can live in the desert. However, the plant can live well in harsh environments. It tolerates drought and rainy seasons, so the plant represents strength. Having this flower around could bring strength and decrease the weakness.

The stem of this plant is quite thick and very strong. Desert roses are not easy to die though they do not get water for days. The stem contains water in it and keeps the plant alive for a long time. It will remind the owner to be strong all their life through the beauty of the flowers.

Bringing More Happiness

desert rose meaning

With the existence of desert roses at home, you can bring more happiness to the house. The desert rose flower meaning is related to happiness because of the shape of the petals. It attracts good energy that will lead you to have a very good life.

The Unknown Spirit World

desert rose The Unknown Spirit World

There is another unique meaning of desert rose. They believe that the flowers can connect you with the unknown spirit world. It is according to the beliefs of Chinese and other East Asian countries, but it is just a story-telling that happens from one generation to another.

Illusion and Death

desert rose Illusion and Death

Another desert rose meaning related to illusion and death. During some funerals, desert roses are there for decoration. The smell is nice but well, it will remind you of death. It may invite some illusions too.

The desert rose flower meaning is related to luck, prosperity, wealth, and fortune. Many people have this flower in their house because all meanings are good wishes to make them live better with profit. The flower can bring good energy as well, and everyone needs to keep them close to good things.

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