7 Types of Shelves with Unique Appearances

Actually, almost every room in your house needs a shelf. This is going to hold everything you need to use in the room. Fortunately, many types of shelves are available and will let you store things inside every room at home. But which shelf is the right one for each room?

Shelves of different types may overwhelm you in choosing the best one. It is essential to learn the differences between various shelves available on the market.

1. Built In Shelves

Built In Shelves

This kind of shelving is a perfect option if your interior has enough space on the wall for the shelving. You can easily fit this shelving in the corner and nook to save space. This is the most convenient shelving system to consider if you want to make optimum use of your interior space.

2. Fixed Bracket Shelving

Fixed Bracket Shelving

Fixed bracket shelving is the easiest and simplest one to use and install. You need to install individual brackets on the wall and then lay the shelving across the bracket. Also, you can adjust the shelving’s size according to who will use the shelving. If the shelves are for kids, mount them low.

3. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

This is a crucial element for modern houses with minimalist interior design. Floating shelves aren’t bound by any nails and pins that are visible.

It looks like those shelves are floating on your interior wall. Various floating shelves come in different sizes, shapes, and colors. Pick one that matches your room.

4. Types of Shelves: Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable Shelves

Adjustable shelving is a shelving system that allows you to adjust it vertically so that the shelves can accommodate different things properly. This shelving system allows you to adjust each level of the shelves’ heights. This way, you can get enough space for different things you’ll place on the shelves.

5. Corner Shelves

Corner Shelves

And then there’s a corner shelving system that allows you to mount it on the corner of your room. These are the best types of shelves if your interior doesn’t have enough space for bulky shelves. Corner shelves are available in plastic and wood. Hang the shelves on your all or place them on your floor.

6. Free-Standing Shelves

Free-Standing Shelves

Looking for an aesthetic shelving system for the bedroom? This free-standing shelving system can be the best option to consider. It offers flexibility since you can shift it from one area to another easily and quickly. This storage shelving system comes in different designs, colors, sizes, and shapes.

7. Top Hung Storage Shelving

types of shelves

Here is another essential shelving system you need to consider if you need to keep the floor away from clutter. This shelving system requires you to hang it on the ceiling of your interior. Since it will be hung on the ceiling, it won’t take up any space on the wall or floor of your room.

Other types of shelves may be available on the market. But you need to make sure that the shelving system you choose will not only match the interior. Think of people who are going to use the shelves. Make sure that they can reach the things on the shelves easily.

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