7 Fun Dinosaur Bedroom Ideas for Kids

Your kids are fond of dinosaurs? Then dressing their bedroom with dinosaur theme is not too much. Decorating the kid’s bedroom with dinosaurs doesn’t have to be costly. Here are several dinosaur bedroom ideas that are simple to make and affordable

1. Hang a Dinosaur Doll on the Wall

Hang a Dinosaur Doll on the Wall

This bedroom décor idea is suitable for toddlers. Featuring a subtle and neutral wall color, it lets you focus on the dinosaur ornament hung on the wall. This dinosaur doll’s head looks cute, added with pterodactyl’s footprints that are going places.

There is also a framed dinosaur poster that helps your kids recognize different types of dinosaurs. Put a low storage cabinet next to the bed so your kiddo can put their stuff independently.

2. Rustic Dinosaur Bedroom with Unique Wall Shelving

Rustic Dinosaur Bedroom with Unique Wall Shelving

When the entire house is rustic, you can adopt these dinosaur bedroom ideas in your kid’s bedroom. In addition to using dinosaur bedding, it has a unique wooden shelving to keep the kid’s dinosaur collections. The shelving idea matches perfectly the wood flooring and headboard.

3. Dinosaur Poster for Effortless Project

Dinosaur Poster for Effortless Project

You can count on dinosaur bedroom stickers to spruce up the kid’s room without breaking the savings. There are tons of dinosaur stickers on the market, providing various designs and sizes to meet different needs of the homeowners.

This bedroom idea is designed with large dinosaur stickers and a mini tent, allowing your toddlers to feel like living in the wildlife with the dinosaurs. The stickers look standout on a white wall, giving its best decorative effect to the room.

4. Choose the Right Paint

Choose the Right Paint

Besides ornaments, stickers, and wall arts, another thing that matters in creating a dinosaur bedroom is paint color choice. As shown in this photo, the bedroom uses a matcha green shade that matches the color of the dinosaurs.

Paired with white, this color accent highlights dinosaur bedroom ideas together with dinosaur stickers and action figures. However, the bed is kept white in order to neutralize the design.

5. Dinosaur Bedding with Cute Dolls

Dinosaur bedroom ideas

Focusing the dinosaur theme on the bedding, this design idea is suitable for older kids. It uses a dinosaur duvet and pillow cover that straightforwardly represent your kid’s favorite character. There are also dinosaur dolls and toy action figures to company your kids during their free time.

6. Get a Roar Pillow

Get a Roar Pillow

Roar! is a popular expression mimicking the sound of the T-rex. If you want to bring a dinosaur theme to the bedroom without making it look too obvious, this idea is made just for you. With just a small ornament of dinosaur on the wall and a Roar! pillow, everybody knows you love it.

7. T-Rex and the Moon

T-Rex and the Moon Bedroom

If your kid is a huge fan of dinosaurs, purchasing this bedding set can make you a good parent. The duvet and pillow cover create a realistic dinosaur picture when placed together. You can also add a moon lamp that makes your kid feel like sleeping under the sky.

Looking for dinosaur bedroom ideas for kids? Those inspirations above can help you make a good decision. Always remember to communicate with the kids so you know what they want.

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