7 Awe-inspiring DIY Bird Feeder Plans

Thinking about inviting birds to your backyard? Make a bird feeder and you will have feathered guests that come for a quick snack and rest.

When you need inspirations for simple DIY bird feeder plans, the following ideas are super easy to make and perfect for woodworking beginners.

1. DIY Bird Feeder Artwork

DIY Bird Feeder Artwork

Creating a bird feeder with your kiddos can be a fun activity during the summer. And if you need a simple plan to build, this one is just for you.

It has a straightforward design and doesn’t take much time to make. Let your kids finish the work with colorful paints before hanging it on the tree.

The colorful design attracts birds to your backyard all year round. Good news, it allows you to watch beautiful birds from various breeds without leaving your porch.

2. Fly-through Bird Feeder

Fly-through Bird Feeder

Coming with a simple design, this is one of DIY wooden bird feeder plans for newbies. It has a tray where you can put the grains and a roof that protects the inner side from the environment. The design is made with opening that allows the birds to fly through.

You can make the bird feeder in a desired size. Either leave it plain or color it up to make it more attractive to various types of birds.

3. Bluebird Feeder

Bluebird Feeder

This is one of DIY bird feeder plans to copy if you want to invite bluebirds to your garden. Designed with one-sided opening and a perch, it can be a perfect place for them to stay for a while after having a meal.

4. Artistic Gazebo Feeder

Artistic Gazebo Feeder

If you want to make it a serious project, a gazebo bird feeder can challenge your woodworking skills. Instead of hanging the feeder on the tree, you can make it sit on a post and let the birds come to enjoy their mini gazebo. Just like a real one, it has fences and decorative roof that look artistic.

5. Little Hanging Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Plans

Attract smaller birds with this tiny hanging feeder. These DIY bird feeder plans look cute and it can be easily hung in smaller trees.

Good news for beginners, it doesn’t require advanced skills and it is ideal for a creative project with your kiddos. Unleash your inner artist to decorate it.

6. Bird Feeder with Round Opening

Bird Feeder with Round Opening

This fly-through bird feeder boasts an enticing feature to attract a variety of birds to your backyard. It has a beautiful design with a tray and fly-through opening so the birds can easily snatch their favorite birdseed. It comes with a hanger that makes it easier to hang to the tree.

7. Bird Feeder with Transparent Container

Bird Feeder with Transparent Container

This is an unconventional bird feeder that comes with a transparent container. It helps control the amount of birdseed you want to provide without refilling frequently. The design is quite simple and easy to make so your beginner’s skills can easily handle it.

Whenever you want to invite a variety of birds to your garden, these DIY bird feeder plans can give you inspirations to build ones. These ideas are easy to make and beginner-friendly.

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