7 DIY Charging Station Ideas to Declutter Wires

What’s more mood-shattering than finding your charger wires tangled when you need to access it as soon as possible? This is everyone’s problem but only a few people manage to solve it. If this is also yours, creating a DIY charging station can fix the issue. There are a couple of ideas to choose from.

1. Space-Efficient Charging Station with Dividers

Space-Efficient Charging Station with Dividers

When you have decent woodworking skills, this charging station can be a perfect idea for your upcoming project. It is personalized to meet your specific needs for a sturdy and durable device holder. Not only that, it allows you to get the clutter under control while charging.

This DIY charging station for multiple devices is designed with dividers, so your tablets and phones won’t attach to one another. It comes with several holes to prevent tangled charger wires.

2. Horizontal Charging Station with Stand

Horizontal Charging Station with Stand

This DIY charging station is commonly found in public spaces but you can also use it at home. The vertical device holder accommodates more devices so you can charge multiple gadgets at the same time, even when they have different sizes.

The charging stand is equipped with a short railing that prevents your device from falling. There are also multiple wire holes that keep your charging cable clutter-free.

3. Charging Box to Hide Your Ugly Chargers

Charging Box to Hide Your Ugly Chargers

If you want to hide the chargers and keep the space aesthetic, you need to give this charging box a try. Making this handcraft is completely simple even though your skill is next to zero. Simply prepare a box and make some holes for wires. Decorate with hole-sizing rings for visual attraction.

4. Keep Your Device Out of Sight

Keep Your Device Out of Sight

Your drawer can be a perfect charging station, especially when you prefer to keep it out of sight. This drawer charging station provides you with privacy so no one can access your device when it is charged. Best of all, transforming a drawer into a charging station is relatively easy without special skills.

5. DIY Device Station from Scratch

DIY Device Station from Scratch

When you have some leftover planks and woodworking skills, creating this DIY charging station can be an amazing idea. It comes with several compartments that let you put various devices safely. It is also designed with a drawer to hide the power strip and charger.

6. Wooden Charging Station with Cork Top

DIY Charging Station Ideas

Add an accent of rustic to your space with this idea. The wooden charging station offers ample space to charge up to three devices at the same time. It boasts a cork top that evokes a traditional look when paired with a stained wood frame.

7. Unfinished Wood Charging Stand

Unfinished Wood Charging Stand

Don’t let your devices get attached to one another when charging. Instead, you can use this wooden charging stand that features a set of props to support your phones, tablets, or power banks. It uses a cork base that helps absorb heat to prevent overheating.

With so many ideas of DIY charging station for home use, now you can decide which one works best for your space. Consider your needs, interior style, and other things that matter such as your skills and personal preferences.

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