7 Awe-Inspiring DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas to Build Today

DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas – Working in the garage can be frustrating unless you have an organized storage cabinet that helps you find the right tool in a second.

If this inspires you to build a garage cabinet, you’ve come to the right place. You are about to find the most inspiring DIY garage cabinet ideas for the upcoming project.

There are different types of cabinets to build in your garage workshop, even if you have a little DIY knowledge.

Only with a few tools and a little bit of creativity, you will be able to create your own storage to declutter the garage. Take a closer look at the following inspiration.

1. Space-Saving Wall Mount Cabinet


Mount your cabinet on the walls and save a lot of floor space. This type of cabinet is a great option for those who have a small garage but plenty of stuff, so that you still have enough room for mobility.

Coming with a simple design, even your little woodworking skills can easily tackle it.

2. Unfinished DIY Garage Storage Ideas

DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas

For your rustic or minimalist garage, this cabinet idea is worth your consideration. The oversized cabinet that goes to the ceiling provides you with extra storage for your tools.

Using rustic door hinges and handles, it offers an attractive visual to the garage.

If you have more advanced woodworking skills, building this garage cabinet won’t be a big deal. Feel free to customize the design depending on your preferences.

3. Overhead Garage Cabinet to Save Space


How about using up your vertical space to organize the garage? This is one of the best DIY garage shelving ideas that won’t take up much space on the floor.

Though it may require extra effort to get the tools, it offers a brilliant solution to keep your garage organized.

4. Garage Cabinet and Pegboard

DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas

If you are into DIY garage cabinet ideas that are easy to build, then this one is surely for you.

A wall mount garage cabinet combined with a pegboard creates a nice spot to organize your tools. Not to mention it can make your workshop visually attractive.

A workbench is added under the cabinet, allowing you to work easily on it. With every tool within your reach, this could be your dream workshop at home.

5. Creative Garage Cabinet with Connector


Featuring a connector at the top, this is a unique cabinet idea for your garage. The cabinet towers provide you with sufficient space for any kind of tools, from woodworking tools to automotive equipment.

In addition to ample cabinet towers, you can use the connector to organize a wide range of stuff. 

6. Floor-to-Ceiling Modern Cabinet

DIY Garage Cabinet Ideas

A floor-to-ceiling cabinet offers a simple storage solution for your small space.

This cabinet idea is designed to optimize every inch of your vertical space so that it doesn’t block your mobility.  You can also make it floating for additional visual attraction.

7. Oversized Garage Cabinet for Extra Space


The oversized cabinet is one of the best DIY garage cabinet ideas to build on your own. Though it requires a little bit more woodworking skills, the result is worth trying.

This cabinet design uses your garage walls, allowing your floors to be free from stuff.

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