7 Easy and Simple DIY Garden Tower Ideas

Limited outdoor space should not prevent you from growing veggies and flower plants at home. Garden tower lets you utilize vertical space to produce more for the family. While store-bought vertical planters can be costly, DIY garden tower ideas will help you build a tower garden in the front yard or backyard.

There is a variety of materials to build homemade garden towers, such as old tires, terracotta flower pot, plastic flower planters, chicken wire cylinder, and much more.

Empty bottles, cans, and PVCs are also great to plant veggies and flowers vertically. Scroll through the page for more inspiration!

Stacked Flower Pot

Stacked Flower Pot Design

This is the simplest way to start a vertical gardening. This garden tower is easy to make but it works well to add visual interest to the outdoor space.

Fill the largest pot with soil, then place a smaller pot on the tamped soil and repeat until the smallest pot.

Staggered Terracotta Flower Pot

Staggered Terracotta Flower Pot

Basically it has the same principle as above but it’s different in the way you stack the pot.

Fill the largest pot with soil, then place the second pot in an angle. Continue until the last one. Use a rebar to secure pots so they don’t fall when in use.

Step Ladder Tower

Step Ladder Tower Ideas

Transform your old, unused step ladder into a creative garden tower. This vertical planter blends naturally with other elements in your garden.

Place a planter box on the top of the ladder, fill with soil, and plant a flower of your favorite. Let it grow and flow down gracefully.

Stack and Stagger

DIY garden tower ideas


Combining stacked and staggered DIY garden tower ideas results in a unique vertical planter. Stack terracotta pots in an angle and secure with reinforced bar.

This tower offers more area for the plants, yet it is more secure than staggered tower. Petunias and herbs are great for this tower type.

File Cabinet Planter

File Cabinet Planter Ideas

It’s a lovely yet quirky garden tower idea for your outdoor space. Your file cabinet can be a nice planter for vertical garden, thanks to large planting area and perfect height.

Fill the planter with soil and place your favorite flower plants, such as roses, tulips, carnation, mums, and more.

Pyramid Wooden Planter

Pyramid Wooden Planter Design

If you have excellent woodworking skills, this garden tower idea is worth the effort. The pyramid tower offers more space for herbs, allowing you to produce more for the family.

Not only is the vertical planter great for planting, it also adds visual interests to your garden.

Recycled Bottle Tower

Recycled Bottle Tower Ideas

Support eco-friendly campaign and transform recycled bottles into creative garden towers. How to make it is simple.

Create a hole in the bottom of the bottles and stack them upside down. Make another hole to place veggies or herbs and your plastic bottle tower is ready to decorate your backyard.

Whether you live in an urban area or simply want to produce more herbs and veggies, garden towers have you covered.

With DIY garden tower ideas above, you can make creative vertical planters for limited outdoor space solution. Choose a tower type of your favorite and start your DIY project!

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