9 DIY Sunglass Organizer Ideas That Are Easy to Make

Do you need a DIY sunglass organizer to keep your collections within reach and avoid new scratches on the lens? These sunglass storage ideas are made just for you. Not only are they extremely easy to make without special skills, but they also allow you to scan the sunglasses at a glance.

1. Space-Efficient Vertical Wall Shelving

Space-Efficient Vertical Wall Shelving

Don’t overcrowd your desk with a sunglass organizer. Instead, you can make this vertical wall shelving to display your collections. These wooden shelves protect your lens from scratch and position your sunglasses for grabbing.

2. Sunglass Holder with Straps

Sunglass Holder with Straps

Hang up your sunglass collections and no more losing ones in your drawer. This DIY sunglass holder consists of straps and a wooden board that allows the organizer to stand. Besides allowing you to grab the eyewear quickly, it can serve as a tabletop decoration.

3. Hooks to Display Your Collections

Hooks to Display Your Collections

If you are looking for a DIY sunglass holder for wall, then this wall-mount wooden board with hooks can be the best answer. This project is super easy to do, not to mention it is relatively affordable.

4. Hang Up on a Wire Mesh Board

Hang Up on a Wire Mesh Board

When you have wire mesh leftover from the previous project, transform it into a creative DIY sunglass organizer just like this. It prevents your lens from scratch and will make a perfect decoration on the wall.

5. Slip Holder with Funny Face

Slip Holder with Funny Face

This idea brings your sunglass organizer to the next level. The glass holder is customized with a grip strip so you can easily slip the glasses when not in use. Add a funny face accent to know what each eyewear looks like on your face.

6. DIY Pocket for More Sunglasses

DIY Pocket for More Sunglasses

Use your sewing skills to create these sunglass pockets and say bye-bye to the scratched lens. This organizer has small incisions where you can slip one of the temples to hang them up, giving you an accessible display for quick daily preparation.

7. Slide Drawer with Velvet Base

Slide Drawer with Velvet Base

If you want to keep the collections out of sight and dust-free, this DIY sunglass organizer can meet your preferences. It looks like a classy organizer commonly found in boutiques with a velvet base and partitions. Best of all, scanning your sunglass collections becomes effortless with it.

8. Cool Hanger for Practical Organizer

Cool Hanger for Practical Organizer

Turn your hanger into a practical and brilliant sunglass organizer. This storage idea is ideal for you who don’t have much time for tricky projects. Simply wrap the hanger with a sheer fabric to add a pattern. Once you’re done, it can serve as a sunglass hanger right away.

9. Wall-Mount Shelving with Hooks

DIY Sunglass Organizer Ideas

Your woodworking skills are needed if you’re interested in this DIY project. Using wood material, it becomes beautiful shelves to protect your sunglasses from scratching each other. It also comes with hooks to store your accessories.

There is a plethora of ideas when it comes to DIY sunglass organizer from wall-mount shelving to strap holders and classy drawers. Choose a project idea based on your skills, time, and budget so you can make the best out of it.

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