7 DIY Umbrella Stand Ideas You Can Make at Home

An umbrella stand provides convenient storage to make sure your umbrellas are easy to take and put back. There are tons of store-bought products on the market but if you are creative enough, making a DIY umbrella stand can streamline your budget. Let’s get closer to the umbrella stand ideas below.

1. Simple Umbrella Stand with Separated Holes

Simple Umbrella Stand with Separated Holes

Hone your woodworking skills by creating this DIY umbrella stand wood. You can use wood plank leftovers from the previous project and build a versatile stand to organize multiple umbrellas. Start with measuring and cutting the wood planks, make holes to the desired numbers, and assemble each part.

This wooden umbrella stand can be a perfect addition to your entryway. Thanks to the wood material that blends naturally with any interior style.

2. Wood Pallet Umbrella Stand

Wood Pallet Umbrella Stand

Wood pallets are cheap materials that you can use to build a DIY umbrella stand. Pallets are naturally aesthetic and able to complement any given space, especially if you apply rustic, farmhouse, or classic theme to the interior. This umbrella stand is simple with a basic square shape.

If you have minimum skills in woodworking, creating a simple container will not be a difficult task. Adjust the size and height so you can keep other stuff like a walking stick.

3. Beautiful Raindrop Pattern

Beautiful Raindrop Pattern

Making a pattern for your umbrella stand can be a clever idea to add visual appeal. This hardened cork umbrella stand holder is adorned with raindrop patterns in a blue tone that looks bold. Paint the inner side with the same blue shade to make it look more attractive.

4. Aesthetic Umbrella Stand for Additional Decoration

Aesthetic Umbrella Stand for Additional Decoration

An artistic umbrella stand has double functions as storage and a decoration piece. This white stand holder can improve your white hallway, thanks to its simple design with a neutral color that blends perfectly with the white walls.

5. Eco-friendly Umbrella Stand

DIY Umbrella Stand Ideas

If you expect a unique DIY umbrella stand with a decorative touch, then this idea is for you. The metal stand holder is made without a side cover, so it is much easier to pick an umbrella you want to use. Accessorize the stand base with synthetic turf for a green and eco-friendly accent.

6. Solid Wood Umbrella Stand with Tray

Solid Wood Umbrella Stand with Tray

Upgrade your creativity with this solid wood umbrella stand. The free-standing umbrella holder is designed with a partition so that your umbrellas aren’t attached to one another. The most brilliant part is that it comes with a plastic tray that not only supports the umbrella but also retains water.

7. Natural Umbrella Stand

Natural Umbrella Stand

Embrace nature with this classic umbrella stand. The woven bamboo material looks adorable in your entryway, leaving a nice first impression on your guests. Place it next to an indoor plant to accentuate a natural look. Making this umbrella stand can be a bit tricky but the result is worth the effort.

Making a DIY umbrella stand can be an interesting project as you have tons of design ideas to choose from. Whether you are into wood material, concrete, or woven bamboo, these umbrella stand holder ideas can be a good source of inspiration.

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