DIY Wood Crate Furniture Ideas: Adding a Rustic Touch to the Room

Wood crates are not only ideal for shipping objects, but they are also excellent materials for DIY furniture. Having DIY crate furniture can make your interior and exterior look more eye-catching. It also adds a rustic touch to the room. Below are some DIY wood crate furniture ideas you can copy at home

Most of these ideas offer inspiration to transform wood crates into shelves or bookcases. However, you can also turn them into coffee tables and shoe benches.

Check the wooden crate furniture ideas below to find more inspirations on transforming crates into furniture.

1. Rustic Wooden Crate Shelves

Rustic Wooden Crate Shelves

One of the most common DIY wood crate furniture ideas is transforming crates into storage shelves. You can arrange crates in various ideas when making wood crate shelves. One of them is that you can pile up several crates.

However, this type of storage is unappealing. To improve this look, you can use rustic-looking crates in different sizes, similar to the storage shelves above.

2. Dark-Painted Wooden Crate Side Tables

Dark-Painted Wooden Crate Side Tables

Making side tables out of wood crates is an excellent DIY crate furniture idea for you who need new side tables. The wood crate side tables above, for example, look elegant and appealing.

To copy the side table idea above, you need two 1-meter crates. Moreover, you must create three shelves in each crate and paint them in dark wood color.

3. Rectangular Outdoor Coffee Table from Wood Crates

Rectangular Outdoor Coffee Table from Wood Crates

This outdoor coffee table is one of the easy DIY crate furniture ideas. The design of this furniture is simple. It features four wood crates of a similar size arranged into a rectangular coffee table. You can skip the castors if you have difficulties installing them on this table.

4. Wooden Crate Footstool Idea

DIY Wood Crate Furniture Ideas

Creating DIY wood crate footstools is a perfect idea if you want to boost the comfort in your living room. Crate footstools are great for resting your feet and are multifunctional because you can use the space below the footrest to store many items.

5. Floating Wood Crate Shelves

Floating Wood Crate Shelves

Those who need additional storage in the entryway can adopt this floating wood crate shelf idea. This floating shelf storage is easy to make. You only need to paint wood crates in white, stack them, and install the shelves on the wall.

6. Rectangular Wooden Crate Coffee Table

Rectangular Wooden Crate Coffee Table

This rectangular coffee table is one of the most popular DIY wood crate furniture ideas. You need four crates to recreate this table.

In addition, you must arrange them in a particular way so they make a rectangular table. To cover the hole in the middle of the table, you can put a tray on it.

7. Wood Crate Shoe Bench

Wood Crate Shoe Bench

You can also transform your crates into a shoe bench. It takes only two crates to make this furniture. However, you need to install a board in the middle of each crate to create shoe shelves.

8. Attractive Wooden Crate Shelves

Attractive Wooden Crate Shelves

This artistic wood crate furniture can improve the appeal of your interior. It is unique and functional. In addition, it is easy to make. To recreate this DIY furniture, you must prepare six crates of a similar size.

Most of the DIY wood crate furniture ideas above are easy to recreate because they have simple designs. Despite their simplicity, these furniture pieces look attractive. Some of them add a rustic touch to the interior. However, others look elegant and make the interior more charming.

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