7 DIY Wood Framed Mirrors Ideas to Improve Your Space

Decorative mirrors can add interest to any given space, in addition they make your room visually larger. However, store-bought mirrors can be costly.

If you are on a tight budget but you need to add dimension with mirrors, try these DIY wood framed mirrors ideas for the upcoming project.

1. Round Bathroom Mirror with Wood Frame

Round Bathroom Mirror with Wood Frame

Round mirror is always a great choice to decorate any room including the bathroom. This bathroom mirror receives a glossy-finished wood frame that looks seamless and timeless. The sturdy bezel not only adds a decorative touch but also secure the mirror.

These DIY wood framed mirrors are suitable for various bathroom styles, thanks to the wood frame that works well for both rustic and modern theme. Pair it with decorations for visual appeal like living plant or artistic light fixtures.

2. Rustic Vanity Mirror with Landscape Positioning

Rustic Vanity Mirror with Landscape Positioning

This is another reference for bathroom mirror that you can install over the vanity. The unfinished dark wood that frames the rectangle mirror gives additional aesthetic to the final result. Pair these DIY wood framed mirrors with a bathroom vanity light to optimize its function.

3. Paint the Frame White

Paint the Frame White

If you need a decorative wood-framed mirror to complement your all-white bathroom, this vanity mirror has you covered. Paint the frames white to blend perfectly with other elements in the bathroom, in addition to generating a decorative look to the space.

Painting the wood frame is the simplest and most effective way to make your mirror fit the given space. And if you expect a brighter space, the combination of mirror’s reflection and white color scheme helps you meet the goal.

4. Wall Mirror with Artistic Frame

Wall Mirror with Artistic Frame

Unleash your inner artist and create this unique wood mirror frame. Instead of being round, square, or rectangle, this frame comes with a random shape to transform your boring mirror into an abstract artwork. Hang this mirror anywhere on the wall and it will become an instant focal point.

5. Unfinished Wood Mirror Frame

Unfinished Wood Mirror Frame

If you are looking to create modest and simple DIY wood framed mirrors, this one is good to try. Featuring an unfinished wood material that frames a rectangle mirror, it helps secure the mirror edges while adding subtle art to it. Hang on the wall with a matching wall art for interior aesthetic.

6. Rustic Wood Mirror with Burnt Effect

Rustic Wood Mirror with Burnt Effect

Adding burnt effects to the wood surface can be an effective way to achieve a nice rustic look. When unfinished wood is boring and paint is not an option, this wood-framed mirror idea helps you solve the problem with creativity.

7. Shabby Chic Wood-Framed Mirror

Shabby Chic Wood-Framed Mirror

Your shabby chic interior deserves this wood-framed standing mirror. The bezel is made thick enough to emphasize the natural look while keeping the mirror safe when standing on the floor. Add a decorative macrame to highlight the shabby chic style that you adopt.

These DIY wood framed mirrors are comparable to expensive store-bought items. The ideas will turn your plain and basic mirror into an impressive artwork that enhances the room aesthetic. The best of all, it won’t break the savings.

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